How The Weather Affects Asphalt

Asphalt is a reliable and durable pavement material, but it can become damaged due to extreme weather conditions. With temperature changes, heavy rain, ice, and snow all having an effect on the integrity of asphalt, cracks are inevitable in both hot and cold climates.

This article will explore the different types of weather that can cause asphalt to crack as well as what measures should be taken to prevent or repair these cracks.

Asphalt cracking is a common issue for property owners who need to ensure their pavement remains safe and secure over time. We’ll discuss how you can identify potential issues before they become bigger problems so you can take proactive steps toward protecting your investment.

In hot weather, asphalt can become brittle and dry out due to the intense heat. This makes it more vulnerable to cracking when exposed to heavy traffic or strain from vehicles that are too heavy for the pavement. To prevent this issue, you should ensure your asphalt is sealed periodically with a quality sealant to keep it flexible and help protect against damaging UV rays.

Cold weather can also cause asphalt to crack due to the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs when water seeps into tiny cracks and then expands as it freezes, making the cracks bigger over time.

To prevent this from happening, you need to use an effective sealant and ensure your asphalt is maintained on a regular basis by removing debris and snow to ensure water can drain properly. You may also need to repair any existing cracks with a hot mix asphalt patch before the cold weather hits.

No matter what type of weather you experience, keeping an eye on your asphalt pavement is essential to ensure it remains sturdy and reliable for years to come. With the right preparation and maintenance, you can prevent asphalt cracks from becoming an issue and keep your pavement safe.

So don’t let the weather get you down – take control of your asphalt cracking woes today! Keep on top of maintenance to ensure long-term stability and reliability for your pavement. With the right preparation, you’ll be sure to enjoy a smooth ride every time!

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