How not to fail with canvas prints – Let’s Make Your Home Cozier

The Red Vineyard near Arles Print On Canvas Wallart Photo

Why care about the proper canvas prints on a wall?

If you hang a strange or inappropriate print in the room, the interior’s balance will be affected. In a short time, the room will become unpleasant. It will be unpleasant for your guests to be in this room, however, if they don’t tell you. Do not be too lazy to make a comparative analysis of your room’s design. Do not be tempted to buy the first print you come across. If you decide after a week that you made the wrong decision, you will have to purchase another piece of art, which will incur additional costs.

Hot to preview prints on a wall in your room?

Art Previewer Lavelart Image Photo

The best option is to hang canvas prints and see how it looks on the wall. However, this is a time-consuming event that will require a significant amount of time and materials. The simplest method is to use a special computer program; many such programs can be found on the Internet. I discovered a useful website with a room emulator, where you can upload an image of your room and virtually hang pictures on the wall. Images can be added and deleted, their sizes can be changed, and the angle of the picture can be changed.

Biarritz Beach by Kimon Loghi print canvas Lavelart

Consider the color of the furniture and accessories in the room.

It is important to select a canvas print that accentuates the color scheme of the room. If the room is very dark, it makes no sense to hang a very light and bright print; instead, a slightly darker image, such as The Red Vineyard near Arles, painted by a very talented artist of his time – Vincent Van Gogh, will look good in this room. In a slightly darker room, this print will look great. Some spring or summer landscapes, such as Biarritz Beach by Kimon Loghi, are appropriate for a bright room. This print will bring fresh sea air and warm sea to the room; when you enter the room and look at it, you will be rocked by the waves and warmed by the sun’s rays.

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