How Dinosaur Replicas are Making Homes More Distinctive

Dinosaurs had already been extinct for millions of years even before the first homo sapienswalked the earth.However, thanks toa long list of prehistoric cartoon characters, toys, puppets, video games, replicas, showpieces, and Hollywood blockbusters among other things, dinosaurs are everywhere nowadays.

Recently,dinosaur themes within the interior and exterior décor market have started to gain traction.However, unless you are planning to turn your home into a prehistoric exhibit, you will need a proper strategy to go about it. If you wish to make your home décor stand out with a few well-chosen and well-placeddinosaur replicas, go through the following ideas on how to make it work.

Dinosaur Skeletons Decoration: A Focus Point

Nothing looks quite as impressive, classy, and imposingaswell-made dinosaur skeletons decoration  items. Put a full-sized, anatomically accurate, tyrannosaurus rex skull in front of a feature wall, complete with adequate illumination, a few illustrative skeleton prints on the wall, and a small description below.

Dinosaurs in a Child’s Room: Time for Fluffiness!

Toddlers and young children are not ready for the imposing visage of a prehistoric creature’s bone structure, so we are going to go with soft toys, favorite cartoon characters, and the generous use of bright colors. However, just to make sure that your child knows how the great lizards may have really looked back in the Mesozoic era, add a few miniature dinosaur replicas to their table as well.

Dinosaurs in the Bedroom: Paleoart

If you are a fan of prehistoric giants, you will love some of the work that modern paleoartists have put out there so far. In fact, the dinosaur skeletons decorationitems such as those we see in museums are also possible thanks to paleoartists. However, some exceptional artists deserve special mention here.

Take a look throughthe works of artists such as Andrey Atuchin, Alain Beneteau, Sergey Krasovskiy, KyohtLuterman, Dmitry Bogdanov, Karen Carr, Nobu Tamura, Howard David Johnson and Emily Willoughby. TheSerene Sauropods, Volgadraco,Extinction Event and many other masterpieces from these artists will make any dinosaur enthusiast feel awe for both the subjects and their creators.

Garden Dinosaurs: Go for Accuracy

Garden dinosaurs can easily replace the garden in the yard of a dinosaur enthusiast, but we recommend using life-size replicas, instead of the generic stuff. It will certainly cost more, but you will only need a few life-sized velociraptors and triceratops to create a better effect than a dozen generic looking statues can ever hope to.

Humanshave developed a great fascination and fondness for their reptilian-avian predecessors,ever since their existence was first uncovered thousands of years ago (unofficially). Today, our interest in dinosaurs is not just limited to paleontology and evolutionary sciences because these paleolithic giants have become an intricate part of pop culture across the planet.Whether you were intrigued by a Hollywood movie, a museum reconstruction, orjust good old Barney, now you know how to incorporate your favorite theme into your home décor.

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