Hard Facts for Choosing Concrete Flooring in New Homes

Builders planning for new home construction look for ways to stand out, especially in crowded markets. Each construction decision can potentially pull in buyers, cause shrugs of the shoulders or repel customers. One choice that can make or break a sale is that of flooring. Where wood, natural stone and tile have long been popular choices in areas without carpet, concrete has come onto its own as a practical and beautiful consideration. Here are reasons to provide to home buyers for throwing concrete into the mix as a great flooring alternative.

Easy Maintenance

Today’s homeowners, who are continually on the run between work and play, want to reduce the time spent on home-cleaning chores. Because concrete is easy to clean, its application is a boon to messy areas such as kitchens. When the floor is sealed, spills wipe up easily and leave no stains; also, mild soap and water is all that is necessary for periodic whole-floor cleaning. It should be noted, though, that a thorough drying is necessary before walking on the surface.

Restoration Feasibility

Concrete, a hard surface, is extremely durable. However, as with any flooring material, it can wear over time and lose some luster. As that happens the floor can be revived at far less cost than a full replacement. Services such as residential and commercial stone care queens NY can polish the floors using industrial equipment, which brings them back to a like-new condition.

Sustainability Potential

One installation option that makes sense is using existing concrete slabs. Consumers are becoming increasingly drawn to sustainable solutions wherever businesses and their personal lives intersect. Potential home buyers may be inspired by a builder’s laying down preformed slabs instead of mixing and pouring new concrete.

Flexible Look

Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, concrete coloring can be created to please a range of customers. Following advancements in craftsmanship and technology, this material can be made to look like natural stones if desired using mimicking stains and color hues. It also accepts patterns and tones that create more modern looks for those who prefer a contemporary style.

With home construction, the potential to push boundaries is unlimited, especially when the benefits of doing so are made clear to the consumer. House purchasers may be surprised initially that concrete has migrated from basements and garages to interior living spaces in some modern home plans. Builders that show the value this flooring has to offer will lay the foundation for happy homeowners in the years to come.

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