Hand painted Jewelry Boxes – The Gift to Last a Lifetime

hftftdCan a container catch better attention than what it contains? It can happen when the container is a jewelry box – handcrafted, uniquely polished, and antique and so on. The jewelry box is not handling its tasks as only a place of valuable jewels. It can be a work of art. You will find amazing varieties to pick from, the styles made for those who love handmade jewelry boxes. Their features and the also vary.

Jewelry boxes are available in various styles to match every need – not just for the women – valet boxes, watch boxes which are under the variety of jewelry boxes are custom made for men.

Nicely hand painted boxes made of natural woods such as mahogany, oak and teak, have a good price. If you are trying to find a fancier jewelry box – choose those made from rosewood and white cedar, they are hand painted to a fine finish with elegant stain and with a shiny coat of lacquer.


These hand painted jewelry boxes are made by professional craftsmen and each item carries great detail which is really hard even for the genuine maker of the specific box to create an exact replica.

Jewelry boxes from various countries come with different styles of their own. Hand painted jewelry boxes made in Uzbekistan, particularly from Bukhara are mostly carved in solid wood with microscopic relief work all over.


Jewelry boxes from Uzbekistan are mostly hand painted with water color and oil and treasured for their great artistic class reflecting Uzbekistan culture.

If you need something to store the treasured family heirloom, try using jewelry boxes. Need a unique gift for a special package? You can try the jewelry boxes hand painted with Ancient Asian Ornament. They are very affordable. They make a unique effect as an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or even birthday gift.

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