Growing Mint Jalapeno Green Beans

gfgfgbnGrowing your own herbs is not only beneficial for you and your meals but it can also contribute to the beauty of your place. However, some people find it difficult to raise herbs in their home because they don’t have enough space available. The good news is that if you want to raise jalapenos, mint, and other herbs you can put them in a container instead of planting them directly on the ground. This way, regardless of whether you are living in an apartment or regular house, you can still raise herbs.

If you will be growing mint jalapeno in a container, start by drilling holes at the bottom of the container to allow excess water to seep through. Use high quality potting mix for your container plants instead of garden soil. The reason behind this is that garden soils usually have pests and other diseases already which can harm your herbs when you plant them. After a year has passed, replace the potting mix with a new batch while the old soil gets used as fertilizer.

Make sure that you add fertilizer to your potting mix prior to planting as this will help your herbs to grow nicely.

When it comes to raising container plants, you need to learn what types of plants will go well with one another. If you are fond of jalapenos because of its spicy kick, adding mint plant next to them in your container can affect the taste of your fiery herb. Also mint has a tendency to invade the container as well as other plants so make sure that you trim it from time to time to keep it at bay.

Allow your jalapeno plant to grow while trimming your mint plants so it won’t destroy your jalapeno’s root system. If you manage to contain the growth of your mint plant, you can easily add other herbs in your container for a more productive garden.

One tip you should keep in mind while planting herbs in a container is to choose plants that are of the same height. Jalapenos and basil are great together and you can add mint along the container but keep it to a minimum as it can be invasive.

Just make sure that you give your container plants enough sunlight during the day to help your plants grow properly. Water them properly too and make sure that you give it enough time to drain.

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