Grandfathers Custody Right and Visitation

fyhtutuYour grandson is 5 years old now, and your son and her wife have been in a violent relationship. Is it possible for you to help and protect your grandson? Is it possible to get custody of your grandson? Grandsons become the joy and happiness of their grandfather in many ways.

After the children are long gone, and you are in retirement age, spending quality time for grandfather and grandson together is usually the most convenient way to discover a goal in life again. Though this might seem selfish at the beginning, the reality is that most grandfathers do this without being aware of the positive aspects they are getting; actually, most grandfathers do this with the best intentions and from the bottom of their hearts.

What will you do when your relationship with your grandson is in danger or even worse, when the relationship is suddenly disrupted?

In most states, grandfathers are granted custody rights once they can show the evidences of unusual situations. A prolonged disruption of custody and an extended separation of the parent and the kid for at least 24 months may lead to that parent losing custody. Within this period however, the parent should have had consciously relinquished custody of the kid. When the parent regularly visits the child, this law will not apply. But when the child resided in the grandparents’ home for mentioned period of time without the father or mother ever showing concern about children welfare, then the court will decide that the parent is not eligible to get custody of the child. The court might find unusual situations in serious cases such as if there is evidence of child abuse , drug abuse , and then the court will give the grandparents custody rights , even the broken relationship was less than 24 months .

Guardianship is the most effective solution for grandfather to have legal responsibility for the grandson. Visitation is recommended in those cases where the child’s welfare is not at stake, but the biological parents usually that the grandfathers spend much time with their grandson.

I hope you never get this issue but if you do make sure to search for the solutions. Hopefully this information is helpful and you will find much more at Grandfathers Custody Rights in which you can find the solutions you need ,  Best of luck with your grandson.

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