Four Steps for Dealing With Roofing Emergencies

nmvhddduRoof damage isn’t inevitable, but it is common enough that all homeowners should prepare for emergencies. Whether the emergency is relatively minor, or it represents serious damages, there are some things you can do while waiting for help to arrive.

One: Inspect Damages Inside and Outside the Home

Routine inspections before disaster strikes is a great way to avoid many common roofing emergencies. Safely inspect the outside of the roof, looking for discoloration or for missing shingles. During interior inspections, check corners and around chimneys and vents. If you find damage on the outside of the roof, check those areas on the inside of the roof, as well. When an emergency has already occurred, these inspections help you recognize the most troublesome areas, so you can prioritize repairs.

Two: Contain Leaks and Prevent Further Damage

While waiting for emergency roof repairs denver co professionals to arrive, do your best to stop leaks and contain water. If moisture makes its way into support beams and the structural elements of your home, you face serious risks of mold and further destruction. Don’t let any water sit, whether it’s under the area of a leak or dripping down the walls.

Three: Stay Off the Roof

In the United States, ladder-related injuries send about 500,000 people to the hospital with injuries, sometimes leading to fatalities. Even professionals suffer roof falls in significant numbers. When the roof of your home has been damaged, you may be in crisis mode, with high emotions and physical symptoms. This is not the time to climb onto a roof that could be wet and slippery and weakened structurally.

Four: Remain Calm

It’s easy to give in to feelings of panic when your roof has been damaged. Fortunately, roofing professionals are often used to dealing with panicked homeowners. However, if you can remain calm, it’ll be easier to share specific details with roofing professionals. When you’re calm, you can work out financing details without mistakes.

When it seems that the roof is falling in, inspect the roof for damages inside and out, contain any leaks and excess moisture, stay on the ground, and remain calm. These four steps can help you survive this emergency.

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