Four Common Plumbing Fixtures You Should Have When Constructing A House

Everyone dreams of having a house of their own. It’s not impossible but it will take a lot of hard work to make it happen. You will need to invest so much time, effort, and money to have your dream house built. One particular aspect that’s common in any house is its plumbing system. The presence of these plumbing pipes and fixtures provide a source of clean and dependable water available for your usage anytime you want. As such, it’s important to know what kind of basic plumbing fixtures you should have in your future house and what they basically do.



First and foremost, each residential property has several faucets within its premises. This kind of plumbing fixture is the main choice when you need water at any given moment. These fixtures are basically valves by nature that transmit water when they are turned clockwise. They are made of tough steel material that helps it withstand a lot of usage and abuse over the years. Be careful in using a faucet though because the thread it is attached to will loosen eventually. When that happens, water leaks will start to occur and cause all sorts of stress for you. In this unfortunate event, it’s best to call on an HDB plumber Singapore to help you deal with this problem.


When you need to take a bath at the start of each day, a shower is usually what most homeowners use. This handy plumbing fixture’s main function is to release a steady stream of water that’s way above your head to cover your entire body. Along with this basic function, there are other additional options you can install to this plumbing fixture. For one, you can add a water heater to make your bath time better. You can also add a water-efficient showerhead to help you save more on your monthly bill. Whatever the add-on you go with, a shower will always be welcome when you are building a house.

Toilet Bowl


Our bodies regularly excrete waste every day and a toilet bowl is the plumbing fixture you need to get rid of them. A toilet utilizes water pressure to collect waste produced by your body and flush it down in a safe and efficient manner. As a matter of fact, a toilet bowl uses around 1.5 to 2 gallons of water to do this function. Plus, porcelain is used in constructing a toilet bowl to ensure that can handle daily usage and the wear that comes along with it. Just make sure you don’t throw anything into the toilet to avoid any kind of clogging problem when you house is finally built.



A sink can be normally found in a kitchen and in a bathroom. This plumbing fixture provides a safe area for homeowners to wash their face, brush their teeth, and clean the dishes, among others. A drain is connected to every sink to safely get rid of the water you used to accomplish these things. Just like with a toilet bowl, you also need to practice caution when using a sink. You have to make sure no solid item or pieces of food fall to your sink or you will face the risk of a clogging problem from happening.

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