Flat roofs installation

thrtyrtMost flat roofs can be found on commercial and industrial buildings and were certainly installed by skilled commercial roofing companies with flat roofing experience; but, you can find some residential buildings with this kind of roof. However, some of these installations were done by roofers with almost no experience working with this kind of roofing and lead to requiring some repairs before hitting the minimum life span of the materials.


Almost all of the leaks requiring repairs are the ones installed with a ply rubber membrane known as EPDM (ethylene propylene dieneter polymer) . This kind of roofing material has swapped out the earlier type of flat roofing that was made from a base sheet and several layers of felt paper and coal tar hot asphalt.

Finding a roofer

If you come to a decision that repairing your flat roof is not worth every penny and you prefer to have the roof replaced, make sure to choose a roofing installer with practical experience installing flat roofs. Find recommendations and check them before you hire them. You might find it hard to find a qualified roofer who can install flat roofing on your home.

Today’s flat roof installations offer several different materials? You will find those that claim EPDM single ply membranes – the most popular roof in the United States and the selected roofing material for the low-slope commercial roofing for over 50 years – is still the most excellent system to install . Others also claim the latest materials like TPO (thermoplastic polyefin, SBS (self adhering membrane systems) and a PVC membrane installed using Roof Waterproofing Membrane Welder is a better solution. You can find roofing installers that intensely conserve their desired system. Your best choice is to find a roofer with a long track record of service and find their testimonials. A few of these systems give good result in extreme cold or heat, so your local area actually makes a big difference.

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