Exploring Different Types of Swimming Pools – Which One Fits Your Lifestyle?

There are various sizes and shapes of swimming pools available. They play different roles in residential landscapes and can add much to the property’s overall look.

Often, they feature recreational accessories like waterslides or diving boards. They can also be equipped with fitness equipment for those who swim for exercise.

Pools for Recreation

Swimming pools come in various types, ranging from portable play equipment for kids to in-ground landscape features that can be quite expensive. Your family’s needs and budget should be your primary consideration when choosing a recreational pool type.

A fun recreational pool can feature waterslides, diving boards, and other entertainment-enhancing accessories. These pools are commonly found in public and private recreational facilities. They are available for home installation as well.

Lap pools are constructed for fitness and lap swims. They can be extended (up to 50 ft) and narrow, allowing swimmers to practice lengthy strokes. They are often found in health clubs and Olympic training centers.

Pools for Relaxation

Swimming is more than just a great exercise; it’s also an excellent way to relax and de-stress. Whether you’re a beginner or an Olympic-level swimmer, it is proven that swimming reduces stress by soothing the body and mind. This is partially because of the physical workout and because swimming relieves body weight on the joints.

Another benefit is that it allows you to stretch and flex the muscles of your back, shoulders, and legs. This, coupled with the water’s calming effect and the pool’s tranquil appearance, is a fantastic stress reliever.

Add music, like a relaxing spa playlist or something more upbeat, and you have the perfect relaxing atmosphere. A swimming pool contractor St. Louis County MO can make an ideal pool to unwind, especially in your backyard. Plus, if you don’t fancy getting into the water, you can still reap all the relaxation benefits by simply sitting on a lounge chair by the pool and listening to the lapping of the water.

Pools for Entertaining

Whether you want your pool to be the backdrop for family fun or a water-based recreation zone, plenty of options will make it feel like a luxury getaway. Select your preferred color and style options to design the ideal pool environment.

Lap pools are built specifically for swimming laps and offer a long, narrow shape to allow swimmers to practice lengthy strokes. They’re often used by swimmers who want to improve their endurance and fitness, and they can also be equipped with recreation accessories like diving boards and waterslides.

Create a breezy vacation vibe by choosing a pool design with lush landscaping and a white backdrop. Giant urns and creamy-colored paving complement this serene space, accentuated by fire features illuminating fountains on the pool’s edge. The result is a pool that feels like an elegant retreat, perfect for entertaining or relaxing on blazing summer days.

Pools for Fitness

Swimming is a full-body workout for strengthening muscles and losing weight. Not only does it enhance heart health, but it also elevates metabolism and minimizes the chances of experiencing strokes and other cardiac ailments.

A pool at home makes it easy to keep up with your fitness goals. You can swim laps, work up a sweat with water aerobics, and even try out some unique pool-based high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

A swim spa can be an excellent choice for individuals who take their exercise regimen seriously. It combines the benefits of a pool and a hot tub in one convenient package. Some are designed to accommodate a range of fitness accessories and add-ons.

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