Electrical Network inside the Engine

hnghfdsYesterdays post was all about how gasoline and air is being prepared for the combustion stage. Now maybe it’s time to tackle the main mechanism wherein combustion happens. So, let me start by recapitulating the things about the carburetor. So in this particular device a chemical process takes place when air and fuel is being mixed to produce a specific blend for the combustion. It also controls the amount of mixture to be supplied to the intake.

Now let’s go down deeper. Engines are equipped with several parts or should I say networks which work on a specific task. Just like the carburetor which works together with the other parts such as the fuel tank and the air filter which then forms the fuel system. There is also an electrical system which plays a very important role in the combustion stage. It is composed of several major parts such as the ignition coil which works in the production of high voltage energy which will be sent to the spark plug via cable contact which is then called as spark plug wire. So there will be an induced energy supplied to the positive side of the spark plug which will then be passed down to the bottom of it wherein there a positive and ground point is almost in contact with each other. In this part the high voltage energy from the positive point in the bottom of the spark plug will tend to burst and reach the ground side. Due to that there will be a collision of electrical energy which will then result to a spark which will capture and burn the compressed mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber.

This might be very confusing in your part if you have no exposure on the terms that I have said earlier. Though I said it earlier that I would tackle about the main mechanisms of combustion system, I realized it that I need to be specific and expound more to be clear enough. So, now I would like to say that in the coming days you would expect me to share my learning more on the specific systems or networks in the engine. In the end of this topic I will put up everything as one and I hope I could hear some reactions or a sort of correction because I am not an expert on this and I am still learning some basics. Have a nice day!

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