Electric Car Leasing for your business

Business car leasing has become the most economical ways that a small and large company can easily run a new car. For businesses of various types, car leasing is surely an appealing way of owning a company car at fixed monthly installments.

You will find many advantages of fixed monthly installments. Some other reasons for a business to lease a vehicle are:

  •  Tax is simply not paid within the monthly payments when it is company expenditure
  • Price of the car is split into a specific period of time
  • When the lease is actually a contract hire, the company may upgrade its fleet occasionally at the end of the specific contract
  • No devotion to own the car at the end of the specific contract.

For business car lease, I highly recommend choosing Electric Cars as it will give you the opportunity to drive a car which has no damaging effect on the local and global ecosystem. Running an electric car will not produce CO2 emissions.

The excessive costs related to purchasing an electric or even hybrid car often makes them really pricey for many individuals. However, business electric car leasing gives a absolutely cost-effective solution to having the ability to drive a green car. If you are interested to electric car there are a lot of positive aspects of leasing these electric car, including:

  • Lower monthly costs.
  • minimized on-road running costs
  • Reduced fuel bills
  • No associated risk of depreciation
  • Drive the most recent technology
  • Tax Incentives

If you are trying to find a reliable electric car leasing you can contact Voltz leasing. They are industry experts in offering business leases to a broad variety of organizations such as big corporations, small business, sole traders, limited companies and public sector organizations. They also look after numerous requirements and personal preferences for business car leasing and will assist you in finding the right electric car on business lease.

They can remove the hassle of seeking the most effective funding solution. They can source and buy vehicles for you and then customize a leasing contract in accordance with your particular needs, so you can focus on taking care of your business.

They will buy your cars and lease them to you monthly. In addition, they will handle all fleet management based on your specific needs.

I highly recommend choosing electric BMW leasing fo your business as BMW comes with a wide selection of cars available with regards to seeking the best electric car lease or even the perfect hybrid lease . From the exclusive and unique BMW i3 with its elegance and power to perform, to the fantastic BMW X5 XDRIVE 45E lease deals. So having said that, today you can get the best BMW lease deal at Voltz leasing.

Most of the BMW cars available at Voltz leasing are brand new from an official BMW showroom or even directly from factory order, free delivery and a manufacturer’s warranty is usually included with every car.

If electric BMW leasing is not for you then you might need to look into the current Mercedes, Audi, Land Rover or Volkswagen options available.

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