Easy Ways To Add Color to Your Decor

When it comes to home decor and style, the trends are constantly changing. One second it’s popular to have weathered and worn furniture for a cottage feel, and the next, it’s all the rage to live in simplicity and get rid of all your things. The one thing that has never changed is that color is an essential part of decorating any space. Don’t worry if you aren’t quite ready to start painting a statement wall or get a bright red couch. Here are some easy ways to add small pops of color.


A great centerpiece can take an empty, stark dining room and give it some life. Plus, centerpieces are a fun decor choice because you can do whatever you would like with them. There is no hard and fast design rule that you must follow for them.

If you like something more minimalistic, you could choose to do floating, colored candles in a vase of water. Or, if you want something a bit flashier, consider doing a silk flower bouquet with colored ostrich feathers tucked into it. You can get some extra height from the feathers, and the different textures between the flowers and the feathers will look amazing.


Pillows not only add a layer of comfort to a piece of furniture but can also be used to bring in colors, textures and patterns into a space. When choosing pillows, you want to avoid massive ones that will overpower where you will place them. You’re going to be better off getting multiple smaller pillows and placing them together.

Additionally, you should avoid purchasing all the same pillows. Vary the colors and patterns. Choose some that have trim and some that don’t. If you already have some pillows that you want to try to match with others, don’t be afraid to take them with the store with you. Taking them with you will save you a lot of time and hassle from buying the wrong color and having to return them.

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