Choosing Colors for Your Home

Building a new home is exciting. There are so many design elements that need to be considered. After every factor in the design process of a new home has been considered, the final product is an expression of the owner’s personal preference. It all starts with the foundation of the home. Hiring the right contractor is key. Companies such as GCAS Contracting Inc. focus on preparing the foundation on which the home/homes are built.

The most exciting part of building a home lies in the elements that give a home its personality. These include the type of roofing, the structural design, and the color of the home.

Choosing colors for your home

The color scheme of both the interior and exterior of a home is very important to the esthetics of the home. A color specialist can help you choose the perfect color for your home.

Pick a neutral shade

Neutral hues do not always have to be considered the safe choice. These colors are warm and inviting. Add a touch of flair to your room by opting for a wall in neutral tones. Or paint the ceiling a neutral color. The best thing about neutral shades is that they work well with any interior design color palette.

Historical colors

Many paint suppliers offer shades in Craftman color. It is not a requirement to match the decor with Craftman’s color. Contemporary decor can work very well with Craftsman colors. These colors are rich, vibrant, and also very inviting.


Draw inspiration from art. Many color specialists and interior decor professionals have done this before. Colors can be selected from a variety of shades on a specific piece of artwork. Another option would be to create a color scheme based on your favorite piece of art.


Nature can be a great source of inspiration when selecting both interior and exterior colors for your new home. Look for inspiration from the beach with a variety of blue and creamy whites or green foliage. The outdoors provides a plethora of color options that you can use and bring into your new home.


With printed fabrics, you can choose from a variety of color options. Bedding, linen, curtains, or pillows can provide great color ideas for your new home. You can get inspiration for accent walls from the bold colors of a print. Color schemes for larger rooms can be selected from the subtler colors of printed fabric.

Variations of the same color

When selecting a color, consider the darker and lighter shades of the color when making a choice for interior or exterior paint. Each color on the color palette has a darker or lighter shade in its category to choose from.

The color of a home is what will give the home its personality. It is an extension of the owner and should be carefully considered. The right color can make a new home come to life.

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