Holding Period of real estate: How long must you retain your investment?

Although investments with a certain holding term is not mandatory, it is a smart idea to at least think about the length of time you expect to keep it. For example, if your assets need to be cashed out within one year or two, you  should have a plan that varies considerably from one that is for ten years or longer.

In this post, we will look further at the period of holding, the tax laws you have to know to optimize your income for different kinds of investments.

How long are you planning on holding your real estate investment?

Real estate holdings don’t have an ideal holding period. However, there are guidelines here for some common types of investment. Continue reading

3 Resources Every Property Developer Needs

When you’re making a business around real estate investment, understanding the other professionals in the industry is the most important part of the learning curve. Not only do you need to be able to adequately assess the competition when you’re trying to buy and turn the same properties, but you also need to know who to talk to when it comes time to get the work done on-site. Local contractors provide everything from renovation to ground-up construction, and a timely turnover requires a fast crew, one with experience, so it’s a lot easier to hire one than to build it from the ground up.

1. General Contractors for Building Inspection

Before you make an offer, you need to know what you’re getting into with a property. It might be an obvious rehabilitation project, but to understand the steps to that rehabilitation, you’ll want to hear from a construction generalist who can identify and break down each operation you’ll need to complete before returning a building to the market. This helps you put a price tag on your improvements before you put in a bid, making it easier to stay on target with profit projections. If a property doesn’t look like a money maker, you just don’t bid. Continue reading

The Growing Trend of Divorce Real Estate Specialists

Divorce statistics continue to rise with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce. The reasons differ from couple to couple but the one thing that remains a common challenge is the house left after the dissolution of the marriage. Real Estate is already a nightmare to handle when you have your wits about you, now imagine having to deal with that and all the other psychological issues that come with finalizing a divorce? This is why a Divorce Real Estate Specialist is the solution to all your real estate needs when you’re going through a divorce. So, you can worry about the emotional side of things while you let a professional handle the important details related to your estate. Continue reading

4 Things You Should Always Look at When Purchasing a Historic Property

Purchasing a historic property can be very exciting. it can also be fraught with hidden complications. Whether you are just starting your property search or you are narrowing down the selection, asking these questions can help you find the right one to make your home.

1. Are There Historic Easements in Place?

Historic easements are legally binding documents that restrict what can be done to a historic property. They are generally held by a preservation organization. The National Park Service offers information about the benefits to property owners and the public when such easements are put into place. If you are considering a property with an existing easement, you will want to talk to the group that holds it to determine if any changes you want to make are allowed. Continue reading

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing for Community Betterment

When you’re embarking on a path to entrepreneurship as a real estate investment professional, there are some qualities that are highly valued in this profession. Commercial real estate investing in a challenging profession, but the right type of person who is smart and nimble can become successful. 

Newcomers in the industry should know that it’s important it is to identify the leaders in his line of business so they can learn how to reach the pinnacle of success. They can learn very quickly how to best advance their career by studying those who have had much success.

It is essential to be an eager and attentive student of one’s industry or business. Being an optimist and using strategic planning to move ahead in buying real estate is a must for those who want to make it in real estate. Real estate investors must learn to make conscious and clear decisions to systematically advance in the right direction. Continue reading