How to Keep Birds Away from Your Property Humanely

Birds, whilst often appreciated for their innate beauty and melodic songs, can pose considerable challenges for property owners. Their tendency to gather in considerable quantities can lead to disruptive noise, unsightly mess, and property harm. Addressing this issue requires a delicate equilibrium between human convenience and the preservation of avian species.

This article provided by pest control experts aims to showcase various humane pest control strategies that deter birds from properties without infringing on their natural behaviours and rights.

Most common types of bird nuisances

Despite their general appeal, various bird species can exhibit problematic behaviours when their nesting or roosting sites are in conflict with human activity. Continue reading

Selecting the right drinking water filter technology for your home

lkfjgrrIf you’ve researched or purchased a home drinking water filter because you’re tired of wasting money on bottled water or you’re simply interested in improving your water quality, you know that there are a lot of options out there. How do you sort them all out to determine which system is right for you? Most drinking water filtration is called point-of-use or POU filtration. That’s because the systems provide filtered water for drinking at a specific spot or places in the home, such as with this dedicated tap on the kitchen sink or through a refrigerator dispenser. There’s no need to have such high quality drinking water for flushing toilets, bathing or washing clothes so this allows the systems to be smaller and less expensive. Continue reading

Air Quality Testing – Understanding the Basics

Air quality testing can help identify a variety of biological, chemical and particulate contaminants. Biological test varieties include mold and allergens like pollen, dust mites, rodent dander and pet dander.

Some pollutants pose a moderate health concern for all, while others may cause a slight problem for only certain groups of people. FMs should take an investigative approach to addressing IAQ issues.


Air quality testing Salem Oregon, can help you address concerns that may be negatively impacting the health and productivity of your home or business. From specific tests for biological contaminants like dander, mold spores and pollen to VOCs such as formaldehyde, air quality testing can provide the information you need to take action. Continue reading

Understanding the Role of Tree Services in Storm Damage Prevention

While preventing all storm damage is impossible, regular tree maintenance goes a long way toward reducing the risk. It can include thinning, cabling, bracing, and even removal. Other preventative measures include securing lawn furniture and decorations, which can become projectiles during severe weather. It’s also wise to bring a professional to check for hazardous trees before the weather turns bad.

Preventative Pruning

Many storm-related problems stem from structural weaknesses in trees. Severely leaning trees, unbalanced branches, and excessively dense canopies increase the risk of damage during severe weather. Winds can snap or tear branches off and even uproot entire trees when they reach high velocities. The best way to reduce these risks is by performing preventative pruning on your property. Continue reading

Post-Residential Renovation Cleanup

Remodeling your home creates a considerable mess when all is said and done. Even if your
contractor or crew of renovators go about the work neatly, there’s still waste, dust and dirt to
take care of when the project is complete. To help, here are a few tips for homeowners on
minimizing waste and performing a comprehensive post-construction cleanup after your final

First, let’s talk about waste. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency,
home remodeling accounts for 22% of all construction and demolition generated waste.
Although much of that waste is from natural materials, some of it could be hazardous to your
health, such as brick and drywall dust. Handling these materials should be done with care and
may require specific cleaning equipment. Continue reading