Is a Rooftop HVAC System Right for Your Business?

Commercial HVAC units are commonly installed on a business’s roof. These rooftop units have several advantages but do not assume they are the best option for your company. Some disadvantages may cause you to think twice before purchasing a rooftop temperature control system.

This article will detail a few of the pros and cons of rooftop HVAC systems Lakeville PA. Continue reading to find out if they are suitable for your business needs.


Though known as rooftop units, there is nothing that prevents them from being installed at ground level. The reason businesses often prefer to install the system on their roof is because they save space and discourage vandalism or burglary. Rooftop units must be able to withstand the elements since they sit outside year-round. Continue reading

Landscape Lighting Tips

Whether you are planning or have finished installing your landscaping, you may be considering how you will light your garden and lawn. Landscape lighting can be used to enhance your landscape, but it is also a safety mechanism. Before you begin purchasing lighting, you should learn more about designing your lighting plan.

Design for Security

As you pursue your landscape lighting design St Louis MO, don’t forget security. Every home and business needs security lighting. These lights protect your property by lighting areas where people may vandalize or break into it. You may use motion-sensor lighting or have bright lights that are always on. Key areas for safety lighting include back doors, sheds or storage areas, windows that are especially dark or shadowed. Any area that would provide cover for nefarious activity should include security lighting. Continue reading

Smart Homes Can Be Dangerous

Although they are all the rage, smart homes have some hidden dangers. If you are planning on adding smart features to your home, check out these risks to protect yourself before your purchase.

Ample Wiring

Unless your home has a dedicated smart wiring room, there probably isn’t ample wattage for your home to become smart. Although people may turn to “plug and play” devices that are easy to install, there is still a drain on the structure every time another component is added to the system. Call an electrician near me to ensure your home is hardwired to support all the smart devices within.

Smart Doorbells

By now, almost everyone knows that your personal information is collected and sold by various companies to pigeonhole you for advertising services. However, did you know your smart doorbell listens to and collects everything you or your neighbors say when nearby? That means if your front door is open and you are having a private discussion, you can bet the conversation is no longer private! Continue reading