Braxtly Tools angle ruler template tool – My honest review

jjyruBraxtly multi-angle ruler is an important tool for my heavy-duty works. I have been using it in my big projects and also in the home for my personal stuff. Suppose I want to cut tiles and I am unsure about required angles, I place Braxtly multi-angle ruler and set measurements when it is in a position to lock the angles. I can place and move the ruler anywhere I want. So, I cut the tiles at precisely accurate angles. Another advantage of using this multi-angle ruler is that I can check whether a particular wall is flawlessly angled or not. I usually use its multi-angles rulers to find out the angle and then determine what modifications to make.hgtre

I really love this tool as Braxtly tools have made and designed the ruler to be foldable. Therefore, when I don’t use the tool, I can fold and store it safely. This simplicity, compactness and the light weight, make it possible to travel with. It can be a convenience for builders and craftsmen.

The measurement scales included are centimeters and inches. Seeing that these are the two universal measurement standards, the ruler become practical for all, no matter where you are located.

Another good thing regarding this ruler is its multi-purpose usage. You might want to measure angles for various purposes. Although you might think that different rulers are needed for different works, Braxtly Tools angle ruler template tool can do the job for it all. It has been proven by its betteraccuracy and precision in performing measurements. As a result, whether you are a builder, a dressmaker or carpenter, this ruler is ideal for you.hjtyrt

Nobody wants to buy new rulers every so often. Therefore, durability makes a lot of difference. This achieved by Braxtly Tools angle ruler template tool which is made of 100% metal alloy and also its sturdy design. Unlike other multi-angle ruler made of plastic which easily break, or thin aluminum which easily bend, or steel which rusts.

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