Bathroom Renovation on Budget

When you are considering a bathroom remodeling project, a lot of ideas must be running through your mind. Before you start your planning or doing anything else though, do take your budget into consideration. While a major bathroom remodeling can cost thousands of dollars, you can actually give your bathroom a face lift with a little more than a thousand dollars and you might be surprised to have a bathroom that feels almost new.
You can lower the costs of changing your bathtub or shower by changing some key component and make it look newer such as replacing your shower curtain and curtain rod, shower head, bathtub spout and water levers. Next is the cabinet. If the base to your vanity looks old, you can try sanding it down and refurbishing the finish. You can either use the same color or try using black for a modern look. A little extra you can do is by replacing the old, plastic cabinet knobs or handles with new, metallic ones.

If your toilet is still functional, you don’t need to change the entire toilet bowl. Getting a new toilet seat with a matching cover is all you might need in sprucing up your bathroom’s appearance. New towel racks are also helpful in changing the style of your bathroom. After the new paint job on the cabinet, your vanity might look like new. Changing the faucet completes the package and can make your vanity look cleaner and more up to date. Replacing you big mirror with a smaller one can provide style at a much lower cost and at the same time frees up more space in your bathroom wall.

bgop00Changing the whole bathroom flooring can cost hundreds of dollars. An inexpensive way to do this is by adding rugs. They can add in color and style to and older floor. Although replacing all the tiles in your bathroom is expensive, you can replace selected tiles to create borders. Tiles are a good choice as they are durable, stain resistant and they don’t retain odors or bacteria. Changing the grout between your tiles can also bring in a new feel to your bathroom. A grout saw, sealant and replacement of grout is all you need to do the job. A cheaper alternative would be to use grout dye.

An easy way to give your old bathroom a new look is by installing a new array of lighting and giving it a new paint job. So, start keeping an eye out for big sales at your hardware store. Complete the look with well-placed décor. Wrapping up the whole thing, remodeling your bathroom doesn’t mean exhausting your bank account. You do not have to necessarily start from scratch when actually you can come up with design ideas to improve the look of your bathroom. All you need is a little bit of creativity and have fun with it.

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