Advertising Tips And Tricks For Selling Property Quickly

There are loads of reasons why you may want to sell your house fast, it could be a last-minute relocation for that dream job, or you’re about to lose out on buying your dream home due to your buyer pulling out of the sale. Selling a property is never easy, and adding a time limit into the equation only makes things more challenging. Hence why we’re giving you a handful of tips that could help you to achieve the quick house sale you want or need.

Find The Proper Timing.

The rush to buy properties begins mid-spring and ends in September coinciding wit school starting again. There are two lulls in the market which are the worst times to try and get a fast sale, mid-December through to the beginning of March, and July through to mid-August when people tend to be on holiday. If you can afford the luxury of being able to plan when you sell, avoiding these times could get you a fast sale without having to see your property way under-priced.

Find The Proper Price.

A lot of this will be down to the estate agent you choose to work with. But, if you have the time and experience, checking online for properties that have recently sold in your area, and how they compare to your home can give you a great indication of the correct price. Whilst doing this it’s imperative to be as specific as possible when comparing properties, making sure they match in terms of both size and quality. This will help you be more accurate when finding the correct price, it’s also advised to only compare figures from sales within the last year, or 2 years if you’re struggling. This can also be a great opportunity to discover some of the tricks that others have used in order to add value. If you need a quick sale, going lower on your asking price can boost the interest and could lead to a much faster sale.

Find One Or More Good Estate Agencies To Help You.

Doing some research to make sure you’re turning to an experienced, local agent with intimate knowledge of your area can save you time and even money. They will know the best tricks on how to list your property and take good photos to paint your home in its best light. If you’re not living in the property or can be absent for a few days, allowing your agent to complete the viewings may be in your best interest. They will have experience showing people around properties and can ensure that the home gives a good impression.

List On High-Traffic Websites.

Obviously, it’s extremely necessary to list your home on big sites like Rightmove and Zoopla in order to find buyers. But other high-traffic sites that allow you to create free listings such as Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree can help you boost your exposure even further, which will always help when trying to secure a fast sale. Although making your listing seem as attractive as possible should be your goal, it’s vital not to say things that simply aren’t true. Buyers will find out at some point in the buying process, and the distrust that it will cause could lead to them pulling out for fear of what else has been lied about.

Take High-Quality Photos.

In today’s world, the vast majority of people have a smartphone capable of taking photos with good enough quality of a property listing. Make sure that the angles and lighting are well-chosen, take as many photos as you need to see which setup shows each room in the best possible way. Before taking photos you should give everything a deep clean and keep clutter out of sight, or to a minimum if it’s unavoidable. This should allow people to envision their life in your home better without making them feel like they’re encroaching on your life.

Find That Real Good Cover Photo.

Your listing’s cover photo is what draws their attention and gets them to look further. This means it’s essential that your cover photo is the best it can possibly be. This is another thing to bear in mind when choosing estate agents, a bad cover photo will instantly be able to tell you a good estate agent from a bad one.

Consider Your Other Options.

Working with an estate agent to sell your home isn’t the only option, however, the route you decide to go down depends on your situation. Do you want a fast sale? Or do you need a fast sale? Whilst achieving a fast sale on the open market with an agent is totally possible, it’s definitely not your best option if you’re pushed for time. The vast majority of buyers on the open market rely on mortgages or any other financing in order to buy. This is a problem if you need a fast sale as 1 in 3 transactions will fall through due to issues with financing, leaving you starting the process all over again. Cash home buyers like North East House Buyers don’t rely on financing to buy, and because of that, it’s a much more secure option if you can’t afford for things to fall through. They cover all the fees for the sale, and whilst their offers may not be full market value, they’re able to guarantee their offers because they buy with cash.

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