A Breakdown Of The Most Optimal Locations For Your Family’s Security Cameras

For many hardworking families, the solitude of returning home after a long day’s work is one of the strongest motivating factors. Unfortunately, many families return home to find out they’ve been robbed. Priceless possessions and memories are often stolen with little to no trace of who could’ve stolen them. Of course local authorities will help how they can, but many times these burglaries are left unsolved. In fact, despite how uncommon many people think these situations are, they occur quite frequently. A reported 2.5 million robberies occur every year, which accounts for nearly 10,000 robberies per day.

Families that are living in more residential areas are often the most frequent targets of these attacks. Nearly two-thirds of these robberies occur in residential areas. Knowing that family homes are the targets, most of these robberies are designed to occur when families are most often away from their homes. Common break-in times are within the range of 6:00 A.M and 6:00 P.M on weekdays. Most criminals don’t need much time to operate, as they’ll only spend eight to ten minutes in the home rummaging through belongings. A majority of these break-ins will cost families an average of $2,500 worth of damages. With rates increasing, research indicates over the next 20 years that three out of four residential homes will be robbed. Thus the importance of home security systems.

Every home should be equipped with some sort of security measure. Most commonly, are alarm systems. Sometimes offered by security providers, these systems are so influential four out of five burglars scout homes prior to a break-in to ensure their marks are without them. The truth is, most of these burglars that do notice an alarm system would rather search for a home without one. These systems also cause panic mid break-in, with the same study indicating that half of those who noticed the system upon entering the home would exit and never return.

Additional security measures will also keep your home safe from these crooks. Most commonly adapted today are video doorbells. Nearly one in every five homes have a smart doorbell installed, leaving burglars exposed as they approach any door of the home. As previously mentioned, any family who feels significantly vulnerable to a robbery can hire companies that offer security-based services to protect their homes. Only about 17% of homeowners employ these companies today, but rates are on the rise. Families are just as capable of monitoring their own security systems, but often fail to place these cameras in such a way that their home remains secure from every angle.

When installing these cameras, families should prioritize placing them in the most common places that burglars could enter a home. Back doors, side doors and the front door. Some families even insist on some cameras covering the ground level windows of their homes. If your garage contains valuables, a camera dedicated to the space surrounding it can be beneficial. Always avoid placing them where they can be seen, just hidden enough to maintain the safety of your family. For some tips and tricks regarding home safety and how cameras can be placed, take a moment to review the infographic paired alongside this post. Courtesy of Security Doctors.

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