6 Marketing And Branding Cliches To Avoid In The B2B Industry

1) Your Logo Is NOT Your Brand 

The logo has become a defining feature of so many B2B brands. Ads become an extension of the logo as if reinforcing the logo would help it to stand for something or establish brand values. But the logo means nothing unless you provide great service and communicate effectively.

2) Creating Content For The Sake Of Content 

The default reaction of marketers is always to create content, but creating additional materials without a plan or strategy behind it isn’t worth it.

The phrase ‘content is king’ is often repeated among content marketers. This is often accompanied by ‘build it and they will come’ or the belief that simply publishing outstanding content will get its attention.

In reality, a good promotion strategy is always needed to promote your awesome content, regardless of how great your content is.

3) Hyper-positivity 

Just like it is impossible for humans to constantly be happy and positive the same goes for brands. This is because the most successful of brands thrive on conflict. Try delivering an unfortunate story and how you turned it into a positive situation because of your resilience, work ethic and dedication.

4) Trusting Your Gut Instinct 

It is not uncommon for marketers and business leaders to rely on gut instinct to make decisions, such as targeting a specific market or never trying something new for fear of failure. Though this may sometimes be true, it often results in lost time and money.

Furthermore, statistics have a stronger impact on clients than just words of assurance. Therefore, marketers need to be given access to as much relevant data before embarking on any journey.

5) Over-Used Words Or Slogans 

In B2B marketing, unique selling points (USPs) are relatively hard to find.

Hence, when you see statements like ‘unique’ or ‘best-in-class’ you know they’re not only misleading but also harming your brand too. This is because your customers will know that your competitor is also making the same claims.

Don’t tell prospects your product or service is better than every other competitor, let the prospects decide for themselves. Describe what sets you apart in your own words.

6) We Cater To All Companies 

An experienced marketer knows that the most important business consideration is specialization and niche targeting. It is essential to choose an industry in which you understand it thoroughly, and one in which you can become a leader and expert. Hence, how can you as a B2B brand get away with claiming that your target audience is everyone?


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