6 Common Types of Windows


Windows play a significant role in a house, like letting in natural light and keeping it fresh and dry.  There are many types that you can go for when constructing your house. However, the type of window you choose has to suit your home’s design for it to stand out. The different types of windows that you can choose may include:

Double-Hung Windows

This window type contains two sashes that slide up and down in the frame. These windows can open wide either from top or bottom but remain inside the frame. For single-hung windows, it is only the bottom part that operates.  When it comes to the proper circulation of air, these window types are very effective when opened from both sides. They are also aesthetically appealing. However, moving the window panes can be hard to operate for people with back problems or little energy.

Casement Windows

These are hinged windows that operate by turning a crank in the operating mechanism. These windows let in a lot of natural light, unlike double-hung windows. They are also a suitable choice for persons with physical challenges since opening and closing are not difficult. However, some homeowners do not find casement windows appealing compared to double-hung windows.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top, opening outward and letting in air from right, left, and the bottom.   They can be installed above or alongside an operating window. These windows are easy to open for anyone. They are also suitable if you stay in a place that requires natural air circulation. Awning windows are convenient when it is raining since you can open them, allowing air circulation without getting the house wet. However, due to their shape, they cannot be used as the main window in most home styles.

Picture Window

This type of window is large and stationary, letting in a maximum amount of light in the house. One advantage with this type of window is that, because they are inoperable, it makes them hard to break. They come in different shapes and sizes that can suit most homeowners’ needs.  However, if these windows have not been manufactured with a coating to reduce solar heat, you may feel extreme heat inside the house.

Transom Windows

This window type is usually mounted above a window or door, allowing in more light. It can also be stationary or operable, letting in air.  They come in several shapes and sizes, therefore, able to suit different needs. When installing a window, consider a Utah window installation company’s services as they are trained in installations and can get them done much quicker.

Slider Windows

Slider windows usually contain at least one operable window sliding horizontally or over the other window.  They are common in contemporary-style houses and basements.  These windows are easy to open and close with proper maintenance.  They also come in different shapes and sizes, making them convenient for different needs.

Another window type to consider is the decorative glass window, especially if you are looking for privacy.  When installing windows, always consider the style of your home and what would be the appropriate type.



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