5 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Wall Design with Photos, Posters, and Paintings

Pictures, posters, and paintings add a personal touch to your home. Of course, your interior design already reveals a lot about your personality.  In this post, we’ll give you some very practical pointers on how to make your photos really stand out.

Beautiful Henri Matisse the dance print

1. One picture on one wall

Perhaps you have a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Either because they have an association with it. Or it could be because it’s a valuable piece. Then you take the risk of making a statement with it!

Give such a piece of work its own wall. Purchase a more elaborate frame if possible. Spotlights can be used to brighten it up in the evening. Paint the wall gray or a (preferably dark) color that appears in the image.

All of this can heighten the effect and create that “wow” factor.

2. Hundreds of photographs on a single wall

The inverse is also possible and popular: you hang a large number of pictures on a wall, possibly even from the ceiling to the floor. This is referred to as “Baroque hanging,” “salon hanging,” or “St. Petersburg hanging.”

Previously, families and rulers displayed their wealth by adorning their walls with an almost overwhelming number of works of art. Motifs, as well as styles, sizes, and shapes, are all welcome here.

There are, however, ways to maintain some order in the midst of chaos. For example, having the larger works in the center and the smaller ones grouped around it can appear very chic. Alternatively, you can choose a clearly defined surface on the wall and hang it tightly in this form.

The collage falls under the same umbrella. But it goes a step further: in the end, all of the images become a new Modern art – or, at the very least, the ideal concept. Consider it similar to the fridge door and magnets, but hopefully less random.

As a result, you can also hang photos directly on the wall without using a frame. Alternatively, get a backing plate and arrange the photos on it. This should not only overlap, but it should also be the same. Individual elements do not have to be works of art: in addition to photographs, tickets, beer mats, restaurant receipts, and other items are available. A collage like this can grow over time. Alternatively, you can discard them entirely and begin again. This is ideal if the thought of minimalism sends shivers down your spine…


3. the photographic series

Perhaps you have photos or other works of art that have a similar style, motif, color scheme, or size. Then, like in a museum, consider hanging these pieces in a row.

Extra tip: If you place the pictures next to each other on the floor, you can estimate the effect beforehand. Then, for the time being, save yourself the trouble of affixing them to the wall.

4. If you enjoy variety,

Speaking of fixing, you don’t have to install images as firmly as you might think. Instead, you could attach moldings to the wall. You can then simply place your favorite pictures on top and lean on them. The advantage is that this is done so quickly that you can exchange the pictures over and over. Other decorative items can be placed on the ledges if they are deep enough. One disadvantage is that pictures and other accessories may not be well-secured. Everything in this case is dependent on the correct placement in the home. You should also think about unpredictable household members like small children or cats…

5. When it should be as neat as possible

If you have a lot of different types of pictures but a “salon hanging” is too chaotic for you, hang the works along an imaginary line and make sure the distances are all the same.

A spirit level, possibly a pair of helping eyes, and an orientation aid, such as a string, are required for this.

The triptych is a particularly harmonious variant of the previously mentioned row suspension: three pictures next to each other that together form a large whole. The motifs complement and match each other perfectly. To achieve the best effect, the images should also be of similar size.

The final word
Perhaps you don’t yet have the appropriate photos, posters, or paintings. Then you can go the other route: make a plan for what you want to hang there first, and then go on a hunt for it.

After that, you’ll have a great story to tell about how you’ve been looking for exactly the right frame, exactly the right work of art at the world’s flea markets for years.

Or, at the very least, you have a plan. And, as you know, this works like a charm.

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