5 Reasons to Use Rubber Mulch for Your Playground

The finishing touch to your new playground in the backyard is the ground covering. There are many choices to choose from like gravel, sand and mulch. Each has its own benefits but here you will find five reasons to choose rubber mulch for your playground.

1. Softer Play Surface

Rock and wood can be a hard surface to fall on, and if you know kids, you know that there will be falling while running around on the playground. When you buy bulk rubber mulch Cincinnati OH you can provide a surface that has more give when a child falls keeping them from getting any cuts or scratches.

2. No Splinters

Wood mulch, while it might be the cheapest option, is splinter heaven. Splinters can be dangerous to kids, especially if they are wearing sandals or sitting in it. Rubber mulch is splinter-free with no sharp edges.

3. Lasts Longer

Rubber mulch won’t as easily deteriorate from the elements, while wood will decompose over time. Even though you may have to spend more money initially to purchase rubber mulch, you can keep it longer so over time you won’t be spending as much.

4. No Mold

Rubber mulch does not hold in water. It also allows water to move through it and soak into the ground below. This way during any wet season it will be more likely to dry out and will not mold.

5. Won’t Fade

You can get mulch in many fun colors that really add to the beauty of your playground. With wood mulch, the sun and elements will fade the color, but with rubber mulch, the color will last much longer.

If you have the budget for rubber mulch it is the safest option for your playground that will outlast any other material while helping it look its best.

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