5 Great Reasons To Install a Backyard Pool This Year

Have you been thinking about adding a custom pool to the yard, but are wondering if it is a good choice? That’s a common situation. These five reasons why now is a great time to put in a pool may help you make the decision.

1. Swimming is Excellent Exercise

More people are taking recommendations for physical activity seriously and working to incorporate exercise into daily activities. A backyard pool makes this easy, no matter what shape you are in.  Consider these great advantages of exercising in the water:

  • You can burn tons of calories
  • Extra resistance helps build strong muscles and bones
  • Buoyancy reduces strain on joints

2. It’s Great for Summer Entertaining

Outdoor entertaining is gaining popularity. If the idea of having friends and family over for pool parties is appealing, then you’ll definitely want to reach out to fiberglass pool companies in Georgia to explore your options.

3. Interest Rates Are Low

If you are thinking about financing your new pool, this year could be one of the best opportunities you’ll see in a while thanks to low interest rates. Many homeowners choose to use the equity in their homes, either through a cash-out refinance or home equity loan, which may have tax advantages.

4. A Pool Increases Home Values

Are you planning to sell or refinance in the next year or so? If so, then adding a pool may help increase your home’s value, particularly in warm climates.

5. It Is a Good Way To Teach Kids How To Swim

Learning how to swim is an important skill that kids should master. When you have a pool in your yard, it becomes even more important. It also gets easier, since you have everyday access to the main requirement for swimming — water.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a backyard pool. For example, it can provide hours of entertainment and exercise, increase your home’s value and be an excellent impetus for teaching kids how to swim.

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