4 Tips for Landscape Lighting

fghdfgLandscape lighting can be a great thing for your home and lawn. Not only will it increase your curb appeal, but it can also boost your overall property value! If you’re interested in everything that landscape lighting can do for you, here are just a few ideas for getting started.

1. Choose Your Location

Where will you be hanging, standing, stuffing or posting your lights? This can have a big impact on the type of lighting products that you should buy. For example, if you want something that will deter thieves, you’ll probably find yourself looking into mounted flood lights as opposed to dangling tea lights.

2. Think About Different Lighting Styles

If you like fairy lights, you can wrap them around tree trunks and patio railings. If you adore old-fashioned lampposts, you can line them up along your driveway. Different lighting products can be used in different ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment. A little creativity can go a long way.

3. Choose a Theme

Instead of throwing together some mismatched lights and calling it a day, try to link everything together with a common theme. It could be as simple as a color pallette or as complex as an entire story through your front lawn. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to decorative themes; it’s all about what suits your personal preferences.

4. Mind Your Neighbors

This is particularly important if you’ll be installing things like ultra-bright or motor-sensitive lights. If the new lamp post is going to wake up your neighbor every time that a racoon wanders into your yard, you’re just asking for domestic disputes. Be considerate of the other people in the community when you purchase your new lights. It might even be required by your homeowner’s association.

These are just a few tips for landscape lighting Overland Park. Don’t feel limited by these ideas, however; there are literally hundreds of ways that you can incorporate lights into your home and yard. If you don’t like any of these suggestions, there are plenty more out there!

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