4 Home Maintenance Projects For Country Living

When the summer rolls to an end, if you are like most homeowners, you are dreading the long list of home maintenance tasks you still have to complete before winter settles in. For those that live in the country, your home upkeep list may be different than for those living in town. Here are four of the tasks that may be on your list.

1. Trees

Limbs from trees can naturally die, or they may be damaged during winter torrents or heavy wind storms. Trees should be examined and trimmed every year to prevent dead wood from breaking away. Removing tree limbs above your home can also prevent winds from breaking sections and causing damage to rooftops and siding.

2. Potholes

Many rural neighborhoods must band together every five years to resurface the roads to their homes. In the intermittent years, the residents can find a company that will make pothole repairs Lexington SC. Not only can filling the holes extend the life of the road, but it will prevent water, ice, and debris from entering and exacerbating the problem areas.

3. Tanks

Septic tanks are almost always part of country living, and they must be maintained, drained, and treated continuously. To ensure your tank is in good condition, have a certified company examine the drainage area and tank every ten years. To keep a healthy bacteriological environment that breaks down waste products, add a thriving yeast product to the tank as recommended.

4. Gutters

Rain gutters keep water flowing off your roof and away from your home when they work correctly. That is why it is essential to make sure the tubes are free of debris before winter strikes. You should also clean all silt and dirt from the channels to keep objects from building up and damming the drainage.

Country living may have extra chores that need to be accomplished each year, but that is a small price to pay for the peace and beauty afforded rural residents. So, take the easy way and make some phone calls to get the jobs done!

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