3 Ways To Water Your Lawn

Everyone wants to have a lush green lawn. One of the most important steps of lawn upkeep is making sure the grass gets the water it needs. Here are three ways you can water your lawn.

1. Drip Watering Systems

A drip watering system Canaan NY is the most efficient way to water a lawn. Drip watering systems use plastic piping installed underground or right at the soil’s surface level to water plants directly at their roots. This direct method allows the water to get right where it’s needed without excessive evaporation. They are easy to install, use less water than other irrigation systems and need to be maintained regularly to ensure the system is working well.

2. Soaker Hoses

A soaker hose also uses less water than traditional irrigation systems, but are mainly used to help keep newly installed plants healthy as they take root and begin to grow. Like a drip watering system, this irrigation system sits at ground level, which means less water is lost to evaporation. This system uses a series of perforated hoses to soak the soil and plant foliage or grass blades, so it’s easy to install and maintain, too.

3. Sprinklers

Sprinklers are a very common traditional method of lawn irrigation. Spot sprinklers cover a small area while oscillating sprinklers can move in set patterns to cover more ground. Most lawn sprinklers tend to be portable, so you can move them around your lawn to water areas that need it most. There are some downsides to sprinklers, namely inefficiency. Because the water first travels through the air before hitting the ground, some of it is lost to evaporation or wind currents, wasting that water. Sprinklers are also indiscriminate in their watering. Your grass will get the water it needs, but so will weeds.

Whatever method works best for you, it’s important to keep your lawn or garden healthy and hydrated.

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