3 Ways To Reduce Waste

Each person in the United States produces a little over four pounds of trash each day on average. If you live someplace where you have to pay for trash collection, this can add up throughout the year. Here are three easy ways to reduce waste.

1. Purchase Reusable Containers

Carrying reusable bottles and mugs is an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste that you put out each day. When you purchase a reusable container rather than a paper coffee cup or plastic water bottle, you are saving something that only gets used one time from ending up in trash compactors Miami Florida and then a dump or landfill. As an added bonus, many reusable cups are insulated and better at keeping water cold or coffee hot than standard paper or plastic containers. Although there is an upfront cost of the purchase, it will pay off later, especially if having a reusable mug encourages you to make coffee and tea at home rather than buying it at a cafe.

2. Compost

Consider composting your food scraps rather than throwing them in the garbage. If you have an outdoor area where you can safely leave vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, and other items left after cooking, composting can be very beneficial to the soil. If you grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs, composted material can contribute to a healthy environment rich in nutrients.

3. Buy Secondhand Goods

If possible, purchase items such as clothing and toys from a secondhand store to help reduce the amount of waste you produce. Often, people donate items that are still of good quality, so you do not always need to compromise in that department. Used goods are generally cheaper than buying new products, so buying secondhand will save you money as well.

Consider doing these three things to reduce waste.

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