3 Ways To Change the Feel of Your Home

If you are looking to change up the feel of your home, you may consider doing small changes to help make your home feel warmer. Or, if you are looking to declutter, you may consider adding different storage options into your decor. There are many things you can do to change the look of your home, but these are three simple ways you can quickly and easily make your home unique.


First, the simplest way to change the feel of a room or home is through paint. You can do something simple, like repaint a wall, but you can also be bolder and paint antique brick. Painting brick white or black can add a dramatic focal point to an otherwise dreary room. If you really want to be unique, you could even paint the ceiling and create a moment of drama there.


A simple way to add warmth to any home is to add comfort items. Things like pillows, blankets, or rugs can instantly make a room feel cozier and can create a moment. Placing these items near heating elements, such as fireplaces, can further that warm feeling. Alternatively, if you want a more clean, fresh feeling home, take away some comfort items. By removing pillows and blankets, you can just as easily make your home feel new and rejuvenated.


If you are looking to declutter or reorganize, a great way to do that is through the use of bookshelves or shelving units. You can personalize the color, stain, and even style of the shelves. In addition, if you prefer your items hidden, you could even put baskets or cute storage bins on the shelves to put things in.

These are just three of an infinite number of ways you can change the feel of your home. However, make sure to figure out the feeling you are going for before you begin any changes.

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