3 Home Repairs That Can Help Sell Your Nest

Selling your home can be quite a chore, especially if you have been less than diligent in maintaining it. If your house could use some tender loving care, try out the three tips below to help your property stand out in any real estate market.

1. Upgrade the Roof

A new roof can not only boost a home’s curb appeal but can also be a great selling point. Especially if your roof is damaged or leaking, you will want to have it replaced before listing the house for sale. Prior to selecting a roofing company Killeen TX, conduct some research online and ask friends or neighbors for references.

2. Replace the Windows

Homebuyers love to see new windows when they view a home. If your windows are getting older or are nonfunctional, you may want to consider replacing them. This can be an expensive project, but will likely be worth it as it will help your home to sell quickly and could help you to see a higher sale price.

3. Repair the Driveway and Sidewalk

Most municipalities require that homes pass certain inspections before they are eligible for sale. The onus for making these repairs is typically on the seller, except in certain situations such as short sales or foreclosures. Unless you fall under one of the exceptions, your township will likely expect all sidewalks and driveways to be safe and free of tripping hazards and major defects before allowing the sale. Besides, broken-down concrete and asphalt are an eyesore. Contact some paving companies to get quotes and reel in buyers with the elevated curb appeal.

Preparing a home for sale can be stressful. If necessary for your particular property, consider the repairs above before listing it on the market for a smooth sailing contract negotiation process and sale.

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