Modifying Home’s Exterior – Here are the answers to some issues

iirfsHome plans expert, Eric Englund from HomeStyles, says “The good news is that often the exterior styling can be changed by the builder to suit your taste.” Though there are cases in which the styling of the interior is so tied to the exterior that it might be unattractive or disorienting to go to an extreme opposite in changing the outside, it is a fact that most people like you who purchase home plans and build from them make some modifications to suit their family’s lifestyle–and also, to add distinctive touches that make the house on paper a real-life special home.

“The top priority is to buy a home with an interior layout that works for you,” says Englund. “The blueprints may show a Tudor facade, but in many cases you can switch it to something else if you really want the inside layout but not the exterior. You can eliminate the Tudor half timbers and add stucco or wrought-iron details, for example.”

Shown here through the rendering and the photo is an example of exactly what Englund is talking about. Continue reading

Planning Your Home Office -Some features to consider

juyyrWhat does “home office” mean to you? How you decorate, equip and where you locate this room depends on what purposes you want it to serve. Here are examples of different ways “home offices” can function. Which one suits your situation best?

– small room off the kitchen equipped with a computer, bookshelves and work counters is a place for you to maintain household accounts and for your children to do their homework. Adding a slide-open pocket door for privacy and noise control will take up a minimum amount of space.

– A third or fourth bedroom occupied by your oldest child can be converted into an office after the child is grown and leaves home. This room can serve as a place to do work brought home occasionally from the corporate office, as well as to undertake projects from volunteer or civic organizations, hobbies and other interests.

– A work-at-home space used daily or several times a week as a functioning office is the most complex and involves the most careful planning for phone lines and electrical outlets, and to insure privacy and minimal distractions. Continue reading

Why Lake Management is Crucial to Lake Health

ghdtuLakes are a part of the natural scenery but do require a bit of maintenance to stay in prime condition. A small amount of work on a regular basis will keep your lake in the best condition possible. You’ll be happy to spend more time lakeside.

Trash and Debris Control

A build-up of trash and debris in your lake waters can hinder the flow of water and cause certain areas to become stagnant. Stagnant water helps provide the calm waters mosquitoes look for to breed. Broken tree limbs can begin to affect the clarity of the water. Trash in the lake makes it look uncared for and can be a health hazard to people and animals.

Water Quality and Clarity

Water hardness, Ph levels, temperature, turbidity, and aeration can all affect the quality and clarity of your lake. Continue reading

How To Make a Cramped Bathroom Feel Bigger

uiytfryuAt some point in their lives, most people have owned a home with a small, cramped bathroom. There are a variety of small and large projects, however, which can transform a bathroom from cramped to airy and inviting.

Consider a New Layout

If you’re planning a big bathroom remodel Anne Arundel County MD, it might be smart to consider if a better layout would give you more space in the room. If your budget allows for it, even small tweaks in the positioning of the toilet, for example, may provide you with more usable space.

Place Flooring Diagonally

This tip sounds strange at first glance, but it’s actually utilizing an optical illusion to make the room appear bigger than it is. Best of all, you can accomplish this with any type of flooring. Continue reading

Advantages of Being a Single Parent Homeowner

yuiooBuying a home as a single parent might seem like a monumental decision. While you may think that it is a step that you are unsure of since you already have so many responsibilities, it can have numerous advantages. You are already providing a home for yourself and your children, so why not invest in something that you will eventually own.

Home Equity

One of the best things about buying a home is the chance to build equity. When renting, you are receiving nothing back for your money. Yes, you have a place to live, but buying allows you an investment that will continue to grow. Rent increases regularly, and if you can purchase a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, you will be paying the same amount until the home is paid off. Continue reading