Essential Purchases for Your Brand New Home

njjyhyeAfter making that leap into home ownership, you’re ready and eager to make the new place uniquely yours. Many new owners decide to start with a clean slate, bringing little more than their clothes and other personal items. The house is more than just the structure; it’s the blend of all the quirks and characteristics that make it your castle. Let’s discuss some of the major purchases needed to get going.


One of the first things to buy is new furniture. You’ll need places to sit and sleep. Resist the urge to buy a “showroom” of budget pieces for the sake of furnishing your place quickly. Consider well-made pieces that will give your residence character as well as function and style. Continue reading

3 Key Considerations for Your Kitchen Remodel

bghgftRemodeling a kitchen is a full time job. There are countless decisions to make, elements to research, and variables to weigh. You’re torn between the equal needs to fulfill your vision, stay on schedule, and keep the project on budget. This article walks you through three key considerations that will help keep your thoughts organized and your kitchen remodel on track.

Understand Your Utilities

While it’s not a glamorous part of planning your new kitchen, the most important thing to keep in mind during your remodel process is your kitchen utility needs. If your kitchen isn’t designed appropriately for your home’s gas, water and electrical set up, then you won’t be able to make the most of your new dream kitchen. If you start with these important practical concerns in mind, then you’ll be able to give your full attention to the creative design elements later in the process, secure in the knowledge that your kitchen is optimized for full functionality. Continue reading

Beating the auctioneer on property auction

ghdrdlI’m going to give you five strategies to implement on auction day. So the first strategy is to employ a professional to bid for you at auction. As an auction, we find it challenging to convince a professional buyer to bid in the increments that we’d like them to bid in. They also remove the emotion that you may otherwise show the auctioneer on auction day.

The second strategy is you can determine the increments that you bid in. The auctioneer will try and convince you to bid in a $10,000 increment 25 or $50,000 increment. The auctioneer will also try and challenge you to raise that increment over the course of the auction, but you’re in control of your bids. Now it’s up to the auctioneer, whether they accept your bid or not, but make sure you put your best foot forward. Continue reading

Water Damage Claims Get Underpaid – What to do?

tfgyyuyThere are three main reasons why water damage claims get underpaid. First, adjusters hired by your insurance company work for them. They are incentivized to underestimate your damages so they can reduce claim payouts.

Second, water can cause damage that is extremely subtle and hidden from plain sight and the homeowner does not realize how extensive the damage is and they don’t have an experienced person on their side to help them fully identify the damage.

Third, the claims process is complicated and can be intimidating and most homeowners navigate it alone. There are many dizzying steps all of which are laced with obstacles and traps that could jeopardize your claim at any moment. Continue reading

The Problems Tornadoes Leave Behind

fdfefr3For some unknown reason, scientists are reporting that tornadoes have been on the increase each year since 1980. Since there were 51 active tornadoes in 1980 throughout all of Oklahoma and 140 in 2019, it is easy to see that is certainly true. Although you may not know why a tornado may strike your area, you are sure to feel the after effects. Here just some of the many problems tornadoes leave behind.


With reports that a car can be picked up and flung more than 25 miles away, you may be wondering how far a tornado can throw smaller items. The fact is, no one knows. When the debris settles though, unfamiliar items can be found for miles around – and that is scary. Tornadoes can even carve deep paths into the earth and scatter the dirt for miles. Continue reading