Building permit: why is it necessary for commercial contracting project in Panama City Beach, FL

If you are thinking about building a commercial space in Panama City Beach, FL, you will find salient aspects you must handle such as getting building permits before starting your commercial contracting project. This is a really basic and crucial regulation you have to follow.

Most notably, building permits are government regulated implementations which are certainly the law used in all industries for residential and commercial contracting. Fulfillment with the law is not just a secure option but a reasonable one too. If you don’t have commercial building permits and you will make mistakes in failure to meet the necessary code standards in the commercial construction, then it will probably charge you more than you expected. The money and time you have got lost in your construction project and the money and time you must spend again to make the necessary changes are certainly options you are unable to afford to waste.

Building permits also makes sure your essential safety over time. It gives you with the fundamental guidelines controlled by government and ensures the safety and welfare of the occupants of the building. This is achieved through extensive review and inspection of the style and design of the building with respect to meet the code standards determined by the building authorities.

If you are trying to renovate your commercial space or even build a new commercial place, install commercial roofing for your building, Aloha Building Contractors, a contracting company in Panama City Beach, FL, is the right option for you. They have good track record in commercial construction with many years of experience providing building construction service in Panama City along with the surrounding area which can help you pull permit of your construction project.

They are knowledgeable with building code standards before they start building for you allowing you to feel comfortable that every technical and legal detail is handled from beginning to end.

The House of Charity in Spokane

I think of myself as a good person. I say hi to people on the street, I let people go in front of me at the grocery store when I have 50 items and they only have one or two, I let many a poor driving decision maker over because their lane is ending and they’re about to hit a wall, and most importantly, I stop on a busy highway to help people change a tire (true story).  I even open the door for people.  Babs insisted on this. Yes, Babs was to bring her three children up with Manners.


I mentioned once I went to Cotillion and it’s no lie – Babs would make sure that especially her youngest boy had the highest in high society training. Then she moved us to a farm 8 miles from the nearest grocery store and gas station. They happened to be one in the same – Hills Market.  It was a gas station in the front and when you went through the front doors, you were in the grocery store where there were three check-out stands. It was big time, I tell you.  You wouldn’t believe how the town reacted when they got their first Safeway. People didn’t know what to do with all that space – all that variety. Oh the idea of Distribution Logistics was beating it’s drum for Safeway – until WalMart showed up.  Now Safeway is a furniture store. I’m rambling

So, as I said, I think I’m a good person. I’ve definitely had the training as you can see.  All that training, however, does not get one from having the occasional inappropriate thought.  Let me give you a great example. You see, The Wife works for a local advertising agency that is conveniently located next to The House of Charity in Spokane. It’s an amazing operation, even I must say.  I have no idea what they do in there, but whatever it is, people feel good about themselves when they leave. I’ve passed some of them (remind me to tell you that story) and they’re the nicest people. They stop you and talk to you, ask you how you are and are totally courteous.  So with that said, I confessed to The Wife the other day that every time I pass The House of Charity I sing a little jingle to myself. It goes a little something like this:

Moving to Inland Northwest

I’d first like to start by apologizing.  I know this is delayed – I didn’t realize that those of you readers out there need Home Sweet Homme to get through the week.  I did get all of your responses, however, so this one’s to you!  Now, this was actually written a few days ago, but I’ve been told that it is a bit controversial, so I apologize in advance to those of you offended by this post – namely Mamma J and The Big Guy.  Enjoy!


In Late October, The Wife accepted a position in Spokane, Washington.  At the time, we had been living in Las Vegas, Nevada – not to be confused with Las Vegas, New Mexico (home of the dirtiest toilets in the world!).  In a whirlwind move, The Wife gave her notice at her position in Las Vegas and moved in with her aunt and uncle in Spokane.  I felt bad for them.  She was there for 3 weeks and trashed the place.  We still get invited over for Wednesday Soup Nights, but I don’t know why.  She had her stuff everywhere.  When we arrived, it was four boxes and two tubs.  When she moved out, it took 4 trips to move everything over to the house.  Another time, we took The gUrt over for dinner for Wednesday Soup Night right around Christmas.  Within three minutes, he managed to eat half their toys into chunks and started grabbing toys off the Christmas Tree.  It was like a pirate who just stormed a ship – pillaging everything in site.  Man, I felt so bad that we proceeded to bring him two more nights.  The third Wednesday Soup Night at their house, he was so annoying that he is no longer invited.  That’s so embarrassing.  I uninvited him, but that’s because I could see it coming down the pipe anyway.  “Hey, Ash, ssssoooo…Hogan’s real nice and all, but…why don’t you plan on…leav…” – thanks, but I’ll cut you off at the pass! By the way, I think The Big Guy and Mamma J (my Father-In-Law and Mother-In-Law) are a little jealous of Wednesday Soup Nights.  They used to live in Spokane years ago and came up with the concept.  Then The Wife decided we’d do it with aunt and uncle.  So I thought I’d do some Wednesday Soup Nights T-Shirts.  I think I’d use a Cup-O-Noodles cup on the back and then say Wednesday Soup Nights on the front left or right chest.  Then I’ll put above the Cup-O-Noodles this: “What’s my weakness?  SOUP!” Yeah, that’d be so sweet.  I’m rambling.

juttrSo – Whirlwind Move – yes, The Wife was in Spokane in 3 weeks.   I stayed behind in Las Vegas and packed the house.  It was crazy – I packed the entire house in 1 week.  The movers came on a Thursday and packed everything up (remind me to tell that story – WOAH) , then I drove to the Northwest, my new home.  Now, this whole move was two weeks earlier than I had hoped for.  My plan was to send the movers off on a Tuesday and then drive up to San Francisco from Las Vegas, stay there for a day, drive up the coast from San Francisco to Tillamook and stay there for a couple days and let The gUrt play on the beach.  Then I’d leave, drive to Seattle, hang out with ServiceSucksNick (my Cousin-In-Law) for a day, then head over these crazy mountains to Spokane.  That’s right, drive some really high mountains in December between Seattle & Spokane.  Yes, I was going to do all of that – and all the while, leave The Wife to receive the movers in Spokane.  What a guy huh?  Well, I was quickly brought back to reality and we pushed the date forward 2 weeks to beat this HUGE snowstorm that Spokane could get.  Mind you, when I agreed to move to Spokane, I said I would do it on one condition – that I could get a snowmobile.  Correct that, two conditions.  That I could get TWO snowmobiles.  The Wife made fun of me, but I suggested that snowmobiles were needed in Spokane to get around in the winter.  She quickly corrected me and told me that Spokane barely get’s much snow in the winter.   So here she is saying one minute that Spokane doesn’t get much snow, but then that we needed to be up there two weeks earlier to beat the snow?  What gives?  I think she was just jealous of the “Ash and Hogan Road Show” and that she wasn’t going to be able to attend.  That’s what I think.  So we did it her way and moved up 2 weeks early.

ujyytWe moved in and we were comfortable in our new digs.  She was right, the weather was really nice.  For 6 Days.  That’s right folks – 6 days.  Spokane proceeded to receive 61 inches of snow.  FIVE FEET of snow.  And here I am, Mr. Las Vegas, and I’m out side every hour shoveling snow.  To the point that I had 8 feet of snow on either side of the three car driveway and broke my back trying to lift it over the hump to remove it.  The first couple of weeks, I was meticulous with my shoveling.  I would shovel to the edge, then I would cut the edge and shovel snow away so there was a clean sliced edge along each side of the driveway.  All the neighbors probably thought, “Look at this A-Hole, he’s spending way to much time shoveling.  Most people would just shovel to the sides and then toss it on the edges in this half-assed manner.  Some would even leave one bay of their driveway un-shoveled and even stack some of the snow on it.  I thought that was “real smart.”  I laugh at them now because they have these driveways that have 8 feet of hard packed snow in them.  Some people, the one’s with the extra car they don’t drive, didn’t shovel them out.  Now those cars won’t go anywhere until next August!  HAH!  Not the Ash & Hogan Show – no way, our driveway is perfectly groomed!

nhjuI spent the better part of December and the beginning of January in pain.  It was a good pain, but I thought my back was broken.  So, we decided to break down and get a snow-blower – or snow-thrower for the fanatic readers!  I’ll tell you that whole debacle another time, but I managed to buy one online and have it delivered.  It took 2 weeks.  I shoveled that whole time just waiting for the day that the snow-blower would arrive.  I couldn’t wait!  I wanted to go out and buy gas and oil and all the fixings, but I didn’t know what I’d need, so I just waited.  About 2 days before the snow-blower arrived (January 8), it stopped snowing.  They delivered it, I went out and bought the gas can, filled it up, bought the oil, then I came home and fired that bad boy up!  OH YEAH – it’s a beast.  It will tear through a snowstorm like a hot knife through butter.  Just beautiful!

Showcase Your Style With Exclusive Window Drapery

To create a beautiful windows’ appearance, you can modify the draperies and curtain you already have. Also you may easily adjust the ambiance of the room with a modification of prints and color of the draperies. This can accentuate the overall look of your home and give it impressions which are both classy and stylish. Nowadays, you can find many reputable window treatment installation services  that offer special discounts on window drapery. These companies offer bonuses on monthly basis to help homeowners to install draperies for their windows.


A window drapery is actually a long curtain. This is usually installed to beautify the windows. Drapes can be purchased in various styles and designs. You can choose based on your personal taste. They are available in various fabrics which range from linen to lace, silk to cotton, etc. You may pick the window drape that match the interior design of your home.

Draperies are also available in many different lengths. If you would like to create more formal atmosphere to the room, you can pick the longer ones. If you want a casual look, shorter draperies can be the ideal option. Sometime draperies might make a room look bright or dull. As such, colors must be picked in line with the room style.

If you would like install the quality window drapery for any room, just visit . This reliable company is offering top quality window treatment products and installation to many satisfied customers. The price of their products and installation is pretty affordable. So, you do not need to bother about breaking your wallet. They have a skillful team of installers who can get the job done properly and efficiently. They also have installed many window treatment products in many commercial places such as, hotel, hospital, office, department store, and many others.

Improve Your Family Health With A High-Quality Air Conditioner

hdfgsdgYour heating and also air conditioning system gives you a real impact on the health and also ease and comfort of your family. Apart from maintaining the temperature in your home in an appropriate range, this system is mainly responsible for the level of quality of the air you and your family inhale and exhale. That’s kind of a terrifying thought, particularly if you have never got your HVAC system checked by professionals. The simple truth is, your HVAC system trap dirt, dogs or cat’s dander, bacteria, along with a million air born particles. If they are not cleaned on a regular basis, they will circulate all through your home. For many homeowners ac repair and routine maintenance is standard procedure which is completed effectively and efficiently; contacting HVAC contractor today may help you save from allergies as soon as possible.

Normally, your HVAC system needs to be efficiently cleaned on annual basis. These kinds of annual cleanings not only maintain your air clean, but in addition lengthen the life and also improve the overall performance of your HVAC system. If you hire a reliable HVAC company to completely clean HVAC system, there are some standard procedures you can understand. The first step in cleaning your air conditioner might be to take away your AC parts and use a high-powered, brush to dislodge a lot of debris found there. The brush is then accompanied by a shot of compressed air, which essentially serves the similar function as the brush. The final procedure in cleaning your air conditioner will be to use a powerful vacuum down into the duct to pick up all of the dust and debris which has been dislodged.

Homeowners also often have problems with the clogged drain lines and faulty of compressors. In these cases you have to contact ac repair company. For issues such as duct leaks, low coolant levels, thermostat issues and broken fans, etc the team of air conditioning repair company must also be contacted. Such experts will inspect your cooling system as a part of HVAC repair and fix the issues. When you have thought to ac repair then your repair men must be knowledgeable about the some elements such as condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion valve and refrigerant.

In some situations in which your air conditioning unit is unable to switch on or even is not cooling effectively then routine maintenance must be engaged. The technicians sent by the HVAC Company will explain the exact issue. Such issues will either include routine maintenance or even in some worst situation, replacement will be advised by these professionals.

As a homeowner, saving money and time should be considered on your mind. If you choose properly, your working relationship with HVAC contractor might be a positive, long-term cooperation spanning a long time. Choosing a HVAC contractor that offers cheap, experienced, qualified and excellent services, every time, is very important. This may also be crucial for your peace of mind as residential or even commercial property owners.