EPC Belfast: How Do Conservatories Affect The EPC Rating of a House

This article is provided by epc-belfast, a company that provides energy performance certificates in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The EPCs in Belfast are a legal requirement for all houses for sale or to let.

A conservatory adds an extra level of comfort to your home. However, it can also be a hindrance when it comes to energy efficiency – especially with conservatories built in the 80s, 90s and early 00s. So is your conservatory bad for your energy bills or does it help you save on them? Continue reading

3 Great Tips for a Family-Friendly Backyard Makeover

Want to encourage your family to bond together in the great outdoors? Improving your backyard is a great way to keep kids entertained close to home. These three great tips will guide you as you create a family-friendly backyard for outdoor fun and relaxation.

1. Improve the Lawn

If you want to enjoy family time in your backyard, you have to start by creating a great surface for play by enhancing your lawn. No matter what the climate is like in the area where you live, taking care of a grass lawn can be costly and time-consuming. Consult with the experts in artificial turf Thousand Oaks to replace your current grass with a perpetually green lawn. Not only is this a great option in terms of adding beauty to your yard, it’s also a very sustainable decision. Continue reading

A House That Was Always Sustainable

Modifying an existing home can certainly be a very real option for individuals who want to reduce their own personal impact on the environment. It’s something that a lot of people are doing these days. Environmental awareness is only increasing, and this is an overarching movement that is having a strong effect on almost all industries. Some people are responding to these cultural changes by having customized homes constructed, and there are lots of advantages associated with this specific strategy.

Almost any house can be modified to be made more sustainable, at least to a certain extent. Something as simple as swapping one set of lightbulbs for another is already enough to help people use at least a little bit less electricity. There are lots of advanced heating systems and air conditioning systems that will use much less energy than similar systems did in even the recent past. Continue reading

Cut Down Energy Bills with Window Replacements

In most home in Dallas, there will usually come a period of time that property owners might want to perform a little renovations. This can include repainting a living room, building a garage, redecorating the bedroom and some others. When doing this the flooring and walls are modified along with the windows. The window replacements are not frequently done but when it is replaced, it must also be taken into account with regards to budgeting for the entire renovation.

Even though it is somewhat unusual home improvement, some homeowners want their windows replaced. For the reason that apart from refurnishing, windows can certainly lighten up a home and minimize energy bills over time. The idea of window replacement is that it will not entirely replace the window but most of the elements of the window. Continue reading


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