Karcher gutter and drain cleaning kit

mndfndsI’ll be showing you the Karcher gutter and drain cleaning kit. This kit is fantastic for clearing blockages in your roof gutter and also the drains around your home. It comes with a 20-metre hose with a very clever end which fires Jets of water back along the hose pulling it through the pipe and breaking up the blockage. Simply remove the spray lance and fit the hose to the gun then enter the end of the cleaner hose into the blocked pipe a few inches and turn on your pressure washer.

The high pressure flow will then draw the hose along and into the blockage and break it up. Once the hose reaches the obstruction gently pull the hose repeatedly to agitate the cleaning of the area before slowly removing it stopping washing just before the removal of the hose. Continue reading

Selecting the right drinking water filter technology for your home

lkfjgrrIf you’ve researched or purchased a home drinking water filter because you’re tired of wasting money on bottled water or you’re simply interested in improving your water quality, you know that there are a lot of options out there. How do you sort them all out to determine which system is right for you? Most drinking water filtration is called point-of-use or POU filtration. That’s because the systems provide filtered water for drinking at a specific spot or places in the home, such as with this dedicated tap on the kitchen sink or through a refrigerator dispenser. There’s no need to have such high quality drinking water for flushing toilets, bathing or washing clothes so this allows the systems to be smaller and less expensive. Continue reading

Letting property legally in Surrey – Leave the job to the letting agents

fghtyyyThe legal requirements for Surrey landlords might be changing on a yearly basis. The ability to keep up with all the legislation might be a difficult task, most importantly as the penalties intended for non-compliance is usually severe. It seems sensible to hire the Letting Agencies, who are really professionals in this industry, to reduce the legal burdens and make sure compliance of your property, flat or even apartment in Virginia water.

You will have no enough hours in a day, especially when we start to consider what is anticipated of us by both our families and our careers. For property owners, without having other professional commitments, the process of dealing directly with tenants to successfully manage their property is less draining. Continue reading

Residential Cargo Lifts for Your Heavy Lifting Needs

gtthrIf you have ever lived in an upper story apartment or in a house with steep stairs, you know the pain of lugging appliances, furniture and boxes up and down stairs. It can be a discouraging and daunting process that makes moving into a new place seem dreadful. However, there are ways to make moving or hauling heavy items up the stairs less taxing on both your mind and body.

Use a Dolly

While not always the easiest thing to use, a dolly can help you haul things up stairs without having to carry them in front of you. This can help when you have large boxes that you are afraid to climb the stairs holding. It does take some practice to get used to steering the dolly up stairs, but it can help when you are trying to do the job alone. Continue reading

Modern Floor Lamps – Hansel Gretel Australia


Modern Floor Lamps – Hansel Gretel Australia

At Hansel Gretel Australia, our aim it to light up every home in Australia. With presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania – we’re dedicated to providing the very best tripod, standing, arc shaped, industrial, gold, modern floor lamps available on the market.

Our floor lamps are perfect for the living room, large floor spaces, offices, bedrooms and plenty more.

So if you’re looking to buy floor lamp, then look no further then Hansel Gretel Australia floor lamps are rustic in style and effortlessly unique in design, certain to enhance your interior decor. Expertly crafted using bamboo and natural rubberwood, our lamps have a distinctive feel perfect for your home. Continue reading