Choosing the right size of electric water heater

uiuiHave you experienced an unlucky situation of insufficiency of hot water when your home in Dubai is full of guests? You know that how annoying and difficult it is. You don’t need to keep worrying about that occurring again. A electric water heater will provide you a nonstop supply of hot water. It does not have any tank, so it will never run empty.

Water is heated instantly, once it is needed. Electric water heaters feature an element that heats the water once a tap is turned on. The water will stays hot until the tap is shut off. The water temperature is pre-set based on your needs.

The main thing to consider before installing a tankless electric water heater is choosing the right size that that will be installed. Basically, there are two types to pick from. If you visit you will find various types of Electric water heater. You may choose a whole-house heater which is powerful and larger to supply domestic hot water to all household needs otherwise you can consider installing point-of-use systems that can only supply hot water to specific fixtures. Both types have same functions to supply hot water but they differ in the water they are able to heat simultaneously.

You may find out the size of the heater you will install by identifying the amount of water needed to be heated along with the temperature rise. The rise of the temperature relates to the dissimilarity in temperature between the fixed temperature of the unit and the incoming water temperature.

One electric water heater might not have adequate capacity to supply hot water to entire household fixtures. Especially for individuals living in colder places in which the groundwater temperature is much lower. For this reason, 2 or more electric water heaters are needed. This is the reason why it is necessary to determine your heating needs carefully in advance.

Electric water heaters can help you save money and supply you with hot water any time you need it . An extra benefit is the space saving because you do not have to store a big tank.

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