Online Mortgage Shopping “Annoying”

ihugOnline mortgage shopping at major mortgage Web sites comes with delays, misleading claims, pressure tactics and unnecessary risks to your personal financial information.What’s more, it’s easier to find lower rates at traditional brick and mortar lenders with local offices.

“Rates, in fact, remain one of the disappointments with online mortgages overall,” said Consumer Reports after its testers went shopping for mortgages online.

“If you don’t mind sending a lot of personal financial information through cyberspace and fielding phone calls from salespeople, online mortgage shopping can be a good way to get a feel for what’s out there,” the report found.

“But if you’re like us, you probably do mind. What’s more, when we checked the Web sites of local banks to find out what they offered, we discovered that it is possible to find rates in your own backyard that are lower than or comparable to those advertised on the major mortgage Web sites,” according to “Getting A Line On An Online Loan,” a recent Consumer Reports Money Adviser test of six mortgage Web sites.

The April report is in line with other recent studies that reveal big hopes for online mortgage shopping were dashed along with the dot com bust. Mortgage information online has been a boon to consumers, but when it comes to mortgage shopping, the Internet has effectively given consumers little more than a new way to face some of the same old problems.

Here’s what Consumer Reports discovered when test shopping three lenders, a broker and two mortgage information Web sites for a zero-point, 15-year fixed-rate refinancing for a $99,000 balance on a single-family house in suburban New York:

Ditech (a lender), a GMAC Mortgage business unit, revealed that sales pitches are just that, pitches. Consumer Reports discovered that Ditech’s televised advertising — a flat closing cost fee of $395 — was often attached to loans that are more expensive over the life of the loan than those with higher closing costs. Unfortunately, an online applicant won’t discover that until he or she has submitted their Social Security number and other financial information in an application. Without that information the online application process refuses to proceed.

E-LOAN (a lender) which promises an “instant decision” took several hours to send the Consumer Reports tester an email promising “you will hear from us shortly,” but after 48 hours the tester was still waiting. Consumer Reports otherwise had favorable comments about E-Loan’s mortgage calculators and privacy policy.

Quicken Loans (a lender) received favorable Consumer Reports comments for knowledge, courteousness, online tools and an accessible Web site staff, but unfavorable comments for sharing applicants’ information with partners. The tester also found that Quicken’s quote “wasn’t particularly low.”

HSH (an information Web site) lists lenders by state and their rates and provides links to lenders’ Web site where applicants can further check rates and apply for a loan. The bank Consumer Reports tester found through HSH, a regional lender in New Jersey and New York City, offered the best overall rate found in the magazine’s test of online mortgage shopping Web sites. Closing costs, however, were “hefty.”

Bankrate (an information Web site) allows applicants to choose loans by city or county instead of by state, but like HSH “Some of the mortgage providers listed on the two Web sites aren’t banks but brokers, who could prod you into a higher-priced mortgage to collect a fee from the lender called a yield-spread premium, which translates into a higher interest rate for you,” Consumer Reports reported.

LendingTree (a broker) offers an extensive, 79-question application it sends to up to four lenders. Applicants have no way to examine a given lender’s privacy policies until after the application is complete and then only if the lender contacts the applicant.
“Sales reps trying to close the deal barraged us with so many phone calls that it felt as if they really were on the doorstep,” Consumer Reports wrote.

The magazine said the online mortgage process initially was supposed to be a painless alternative to brick and mortar loan shopping making comparing lenders and loans easy.

“We found that applying for a loan online could sometimes be more annoying than using a bank,” Consumer Reports concluded.

Luxury living at the Wentworth Estate

jkjdeVirginia Water, a rural village, is situated in the Surrey and Berkshire borders and features the Wentworth Estate, home of the popular Wentworth Club and internationally famous golf courses. The property is home to a lot of the village’s residences, which are huge detached properties and probably the most exclusive within the Home Counties.

If you are trying to find wonderful houses for sale in Wentworth, a small family house or even and more luxurious apartment, the real estate agents can find the property or home which is perfect for you.

The properties in the Wentworth Estate are one of the most expensive in the world. Each and every house is really worth more than a million pounds sterling. Most properties certainly come with security guards that monitor the property 24 hours 7 days.

So, usually, when individuals hear “Wentworth Estate”, another thing that usually cross their mind is wealth. It is undeniably a place in which the very rich and highly successful people live from Ernie Els to Sir Bruce Forsyth.

The neighborhood of Wentworth is much like a sophisticated display of fancy architecture. Infrastructure in the estate will always be maintained clean and the landscaping is nicely polished. The neighborhood gives the feeling which has never found dirt. Perfectly clean benches and large front yards are normal sights.

You can also find renowned golf courses nearby, including the Sunningdale and also Windlesham golf courses. Similar to the Wentworth Golf club, these golf clubs have been used for various international golf tournaments.

In case you want the sights to explore, the options are countless such as the Windsor Great Park, the Savill Gardens, and the Virginia Water Lake. And they are not far from the village.


Nowadays Wentworth offers everything right from ultra-prime modern mansions to more classic townhouses. It is most valued for its lively social scene along with the open parkland atmosphere belongs to the 3 golf courses, while still keeping up with care.

It is perfectly logical that this first-class estate is well-known through all parts of the world and is home of everyone from musicians to athletes and royalty to financial figures. Even so, another highlight is a lot of interest from families, both for people who live locally and from other countries.

Many people are also trying to find houses for sale in Virginia Water and Wentworth for their retirement living. This place is also is good for retirees, especially for those who want to maintain their freedom with the comfort which help is available every time. This new advancement really must be seen to be highly valued.

The Lakehouse of your dreams

jnjkjiuyytCity life can be one of the most monotonous experiences of all times. Filled with busy schedules and the hustle that comes with it, the fast life that cities hold can be suffocating. You may crave for an escape, a perfect weekend getaway, or a home away from home where you can go away to spend your spare time in pure bliss. Having a home by the lake is a dream most people hold close. Evenings spent next to a warm fire amidst a cool breeze from the lake, sunrises to watch from your bay window and boat rides you can go on to witness the sunset are some of the things that make a home by the lake sound dreamlike.

Finding a lakehouse

A lakeside home is a beautiful place filled with exquisite possibilities to spend your time at. It can be the place you create memories away from your schedule and spend time with your loved ones. With a perfect backyard that holds a private view of the lake and a cool breeze flowing your way, this could be the perfect definition for a weekend getaway. Lake Keowee is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of South Carolina with its huge water body and waterfront properties. Building a home here would be nothing short of a dream come true.

Choosing a lakeside or upstate property has to be based on various factors. Major factors include your budget, purpose and the size of the home you wish to build. You can choose to buy an existing property or choose a beautiful piece of land with the help of real estate experts Top Guns Realty. Browsing through the existing homes with lake view and an exquisite location, you may just find the right place for you. You can choose a property or a piece of land depending on your idea of a holiday retreat.

Scope for Recreation

Lake Keowee is a place that is famous for various recreational activities such as fishing and boating. Owning a lake facing home paves the way for the possibility of owning a boat someday. Taking your family out fishing and teaching the children how to fish while bonding with others will be a great way to spend the weekend. Lake Keowee also has various other activities you can sign up for and places you can visit during your leisure time such as the theatre, arts, and even a baseball club.

This land is filled with hidden trails you can hike to, mountain paths where you can go biking on and an assortment of other relaxing activities. Owning a home by the lake is bound to brush up your creativity and help you refresh your mind well before you head back to the city for work.

This home can be a possibility for a retirement home as well, years down the line and hence is a good idea of an investment. Someday you can retreat and end the city life, to come back to embrace the wilderness that the countryside offers. You can live a life that is classy and elegant without compromising on luxury by living on the lakeside home of your dreams.

A Review of Chapel Hill North Carolina Real Estate

yuyutyfaProperty is bought after you are really sure that this area, where you are investing, perfectly your dream of “being at home”. Thinking about being at home, many homeowners think that their home is the place where they were born in. Actually, this home belongs to their parents. Whether you are raised in North Carolina is simply by no means making such places your own home.

As the proverb says, your home is where your hearts is. For this reason, you need to find out where your heart will be. The most convenient way to do that, and the most enjoyable one, is by travelling. You must check many locations, and go across different areas, to find where your dream home is. Travelling usually means viewing things all on your own, not depending upon someone else’s viewpoint: so, it will be more important to find it yourself.

My personal experience guided me to visit this North Carolina property listings and I found Chapel hill, North Carolina to be the place I would consider “home, sweet home”. So, I was still quickly at letting out my lifelong heart-ache by immediately purchasing Chapel Hill, North Carolina property and enjoying my dream home.

If you think that you love this place too, plan for it faster. North Carolina is popular for its global recognition as real estate treasure. Many individuals choose to settle there, mostly because of the attractiveness of the town, mainly because of the low crime and the beautiful natural environment.

No matter what your reasons, keep in mind that real estate market is really wanted in that place. If you would like to buy a property nearer to the town center, be ready to allocate a considerable amount of money. Even though your banking account thinner than expected, make sure you bear in mind: Chapel Hill North Carolina is really worth any invested cent.

Chapel Hill is a town with UNC campus, making it more appealing. Michael Jordan began his great career there. The city is legendary for its natural elegance. No other place might be more proud of its stunning architecture, fantastic environment, and wonderful serenity and quietness. When you check North Carolina relocation community ,You will be definitely sure of your property when you live in Chapel Hill: the percentage of crime is almost zero on that place.

If you are concerned about Chapel Hill North Carolina property, or even buying a property in this area, you would better browse through the internet. You will discover a lot of essential information about features and prices of properties there. Also, when you have a valuable property and you are planning to put it on sale you can use .

This site also will show you information about all the valuable property on sale today. You will find various selections of Chapel Hill North Carolina property within your budget. Keller Williams offers his insights about North Carolina real estates. You will get insightful and helpful important information about Chapel Hill North Carolina Property.

Surrey Property Insights

Surrey is one of the most popular counties in the UK, not only due to its great beauty but also due to its very close distance to London and the largest airports located in the South of the country.
Surrey property varies from small apartments up to large and costly mansions. Especially Upper Longcross and Virginia Water become the favorite estate areas for some famous sports people and also multi millionaires.

For that reason, the property deals are considerably more different when compared with the rest of the country. Therefore, the services of a reliable real estate agent are a highly recommended in these areas, especially if you are considering property to buy in Upper Longcross. Whether you are selling, renting or buying, you will be sure that reliable agents are in a position to provide you with the helpful advice.

The property in these areas is ideally located for individuals who desire to be close to everything, with cafes and shops only a short distance to property in Upper Longcross. Most homes in this area come with an entrance halfway, dining room, lounge, bedrooms, an upstairs bathroom, kitchen an en suite bathroom. These properties are also good for investment;

Virginia Water is the name of a big village which is situated by the lake. It is located within the borough of Runnymede in England. The village comes with a population of almost 5000 people; most of them are very rich. Most of the properties are relatively large. Virginia Water has also become the home of the Wentworth Estate by the renowned Wentworth Golf Club. So , the plan to have property for rent in the area is undoubtedly wise due to the luxurious properties you will have at this wonderful area and all the sought after facilities being just a short distance.

If you want to buy a residential property or you want to get a property for rent in Virginia Water, you have access to all the necessary information from reliable real estate agent in Surrey.