What Does Termite Treatment Involves?

Most termite treatment services today offer a wide variety of options to homeowners. The kinds of treatments you require depend, first of all, on whether you actually have a termite colony currently in residence. Just because you don’t have an infestation doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be seeking treatment, but that treatment will be preventative rather than remedial.

Preventative termite treatments include blocking up potential access points to your home and setting up barriers. A barrier could be chemical in nature, or it could be physical. For instance, sand is a common termite barrier, since termites aren’t able to burrow through sand. Chemical barriers repel and kill all termites who try to get close.

kio995Termite extermination usually involves two steps: setting bait and spraying poison. Sometimes the bait is used by itself; poisoned food is set in some point near the termites where they are likely to find it. They carry it back to the colony, and it kills all termites that are exposed to it. This is considered a long term termite solution. Spraying poison around the foundation of a house and other places works quickly to kill as many termites as possible.

Modern technology has yielded two other sorts of treatments. The cutting edge of termite eradication is the use of infrared sensors to accurate detect not only if you have termites, but where exactly they are. A non-invasive, non-toxic treatment is the microwave termite treatment, where sections of your walls or rafters can be systematically heated via microwave technology until all the termites are dead. It’s very quick and very effective.

If you are interested in only organic, natural or non-toxic treatments, most organizations providing home pest control will have those options available. Talk to your local specialist to decide the treatment that’s right for your budget and home.

The Right Time to Replace your Windows

Deciding when to replace your windows is a tough decision. As new windows are pricey, it makes it even more difficult to decide. However, there are a few factors that you should consider before replacing them. First and foremost, if you have an older home, you might consider replacing your old wood windows with new ones. This is due to older windows being bad at retaining heated or cooling air, which leads to higher energy bills.

Aside from that, inefficient windows will allow condensation, humidity and air pollution into your home. This is especially bad for those who have asthma or someone else who has other respiratory conditions. Additionally, children are also sensitive to air pollution. You should watch out for mould and mildew at the corners of your window. Mould is highly toxic and exposure of it can lead to various health concerns.

If your windows are difficult to open or will not open, you may want to consider changing your windows. Windows with this type of problem are a safety hazard. When you’re trying to escape, you’ll have trouble escaping through it. You should check if there are any broken parts that need to be replaced or tracks that need to be lubricated. If your windows are painted shut and in poor condition, it’s a good time to replace them with wooden windows.


Another obvious factor to consider would be when your windows are about to fall apart. If your windows are in the process of rotting, falling apart or similar conditions that cannot be fixed, it’s time to replace your windows. If there’s moisture in between the panes of glass, this proves that there’s a broken seal and you’ll have to replace the window.

Other than that, if you notice there seem to be a swarm of insects taking up your home, you might want to check your windows thoroughly. The cracks in your windows and window frames will allow these insects into your home. Besides that, you should replace your windows where there are cracks or when they’re broken. Cracked and broken glasses are not only dangerous but it’ll also affect your home’s temperature.

Why homeowners in Purchase NY need to hire floor refinishing service

If you are a homeowner who lives in Purchase NY, There will be a time in the life of hardwood floor in which its sparkle will fade out and it will not really look fresh. You might find that waxing your hardwood floors is just nice to make them looking fresh again; nevertheless, you will likely need to learn wood floor refinishing in order to appear like they did when you initially got them installed. Know about the truth that this is quite hard work though; so many homeowners would rather hire a specialist, In case you are the DIY type though you can expect to enjoy dealing with a project like this.


Prior to refinishing hardwood floor in your house, first ensure that it is the right action to take. It is an effective way to boost the value of your house, but is not really needed. For instance, when your floor has only minor scratches or even a dull surface, it may just need a surface coat of finish to make it fresh again. Another tendency is that your hardwood floors might be too old for even hardwood floors refinishing to be just enough. For these situations entire planks in your floor will need to replace. When the boards look soft, sags, spongy, or even are warped, then simply replace them.


When the major issue with your hardwood floors is dings and scratches, then floor refinishing is probably the right treatment. Nevertheless, keep in mind that a floor can only be refinished several times since it requires a decent amount of sanding, every time removing some wood. If you want to know how much wood replacement needed in your flooring, ask a professional of floor refinishing in Purchase NY. Also remember that maple floors are extremely difficult to refinish, so it is highly recommended to hire an expert in such cases.

Ways to Make your Pond Look Better

Are you feeling like your pond is not looking as good as it used to? Maybe you just haven’t given it the attention it needs recently, or maybe you just moved in and the pond was already there. Or maybe your style and what you like has just changed. No matter what the reason, if you’re feeling like it’s time to give your pond some TLC and make it look better you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas you can try that will make your pond look better.pond cleaning
The first way to make your pond look better is to just clean it up – see this guide. Start by getting all of the weeds out of the pond, changing the water so it’s fresh and clean, and getting all of the old gross decorations out of the pond that you’re no longer in love with. Once you get the pond cleaned up you will have an easier time seeing the potential your pond has. This may even be the only step you have to do, once you get it cleaned up you might realize that’s all it needed.

The next way to make your pond look better is by using a pond liner. This is going to make your pond stay so much cleaner and look more put together. It will help your pond stay cleaner by keeping the weeds and dirt out. It will help your pond look more put together because the ground will be one color and texture.  You can even find a colored pond liner to match the colors you will be using in your pond. For quality pond liners: http://www.swelluk.com/pond/pond-liners-54/ where there is a great selection.
pond installation
The last way to make your pond look better is by using decorations. If you go on Pinterest, Instagram or even just google “pond” you will find so many pictures of beautiful ponds. Scroll through the pictures and see what you like and don’t like, and just take inspiration for what you want your pond to look like. There are an unlimited amount of ways to decorate your pond. This is really where you will make your pond either blend in or stand out. You are going to want to buy decorations and anchor them into the pond where you want them to be. Then you are going to want to add the plants, fish, etc. that you also want in the pond. Don’t forget that the area surrounding the pond will also have an impact on the overall appearance of the pond.

If you feel your pond is not looking its’ best, that’s okay! There are many things you can do to make your pond look better. To begin with you can just clean the pond up. You will be surprised by how much better the pond will look after just doing this one simple step. The next thing you can do it buy a pond liner. This will make maintaining your pond a lot easier, along with making the pond look more put together. Another thing you can do to make your pond look better is decorate it.

Top 5 Tips on Assessing Storm Damage

Adverse weather can wreak havoc on roofing. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and even wind can cause excessive damage to your home’s roof. Even if there aren’t obvious signs of damage to your roof after a large storm hits your area, it is always a good idea to inspect your home just in case. Many types of storm damage aren’t immediately visible, but can cause major problems down the road.


In this article we’ll give you our top five tips for assessing storm damage. Always consult an expert if you suspect serious issues and make repairs immediately to avoid further damage.

1. Check your attic

After a major storm, check your attic for any signs of water leaks or water damage. Look for water stains or spots on your walls and ceiling. If you notice either of these, you will need to contact an expert for immediate repairs to avoid further damage. If the damage is excessive, you might need a full roof replacement.

2. Check the area around your house

If a storm in your area produced strong winds, there might be evidence of roof damage surrounding your home. Check the area around your house for any roof shingles or metal pieces that might have come off during the storm. This is the easiest way to assess potential damage without climbing up onto the roof yourself. A few shingles might not indicate a large scale problem, but even basic repairs are essential to maintain the longevity of your roof.

 3. Be on the lookout for hail damage

When a storm produces large hail, your roof is at risk for dents and dimples. Inspect your roof for hail damage by looking for these indicators. Sometimes hail damage is thought to be just cosmetic, but it can weaken your roof over time and limit the total lifespan.

Only climb onto your roof to inspect hail damage if your have the appropriate equipment. Personal safety is most important, so call the experts if you can’t access it on your own.

4. Leave major issues to the experts

When storms cause excessive damage it is best to leave major issues to the experts. If a tree falls on your home during a storm, you should stay somewhere else until the house has been evaluated for potential structural damage. Never attempt to solve major problems on your own.

 5. Contact your insurance agent

If you’ve noticed any storm damage on your home you should contact your insurance agent right away. Your insurance company will be able to investigate the damage and help you file a claim. This will get you on the road to repairs and compensation for the damage.

Never sacrifice your personal safety during or after a severe storm. Leave any major issues to the experts and trust that your insurance provider will help you navigate the process of repairs. Storm damage is a part of life no matter what region you live in, but maintaining and repairing your roof is the best way to protect your home and your family during adverse weather.