Why You Need A Carpet Installation Expert

khlzxcvbnIf you are buying new carpet for your house, you will be tempted to save money by installing it on your own or purchasing it from a local store and then finding another contractor come in to install it. Looks like a wise decision, right? But what will happen when something goes completely wrong and the installation project doesn’t run as planned?

This is why it is very important to hire skilled carpet installers if you have new carpet to cover your floor. Whether you have an issue with the carpet itself or even the way it had been installed, you have a central location to get the issue resolved. A contractor that offer carpet sales Springfield IL and installation service means you can have a true location to get help when there is any problem with the product or even the installation. Continue reading

Interior Design Degree Explained

yutyreopYou may be wondering exactly what an interior designer does and how an interior design degree can help promote your career. In its most basic sense, interior designers enhance the function, safety, and quality of interior spaces of private homes, businesses, public buildings, and institutional facilities. Most interior designers specialize in either residential design or business design. Because there is much competition within these arenas, earning your interior design degree can help you become more marketable; earn, on average, a higher salary; and provide you with the appropriate skills and hands-on experience to help you get ahead fast.

There is much more that goes into creating a design masterpiece than most people realize. Designers are using computers to plan layouts on a more consistent basis because the technology allow for changes in plans to be made quickly and cost effectively. An interior design degree is becoming increasingly important to keep up with technology. Additionally, your space designs must conform to Federal, State, and local laws and building codes, which means you will need to be educated on such matters. This knowledge and skills can best be obtained when getting an interior design degree. Continue reading

Interview with an Interior Designer : Amy Beauchamp

fghtytywAmy Beauchamp has been teaching students beginning Interior Design at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She also runs her own successful Interior Design business. Although she keeps quite a busy schedule, Amy graciously took the time to talk with us about making the most out of an education in Interior Designing and getting that first start.

What are some important things to think about when deciding on an interior design school?

Really talk to the professors and the other students if you can in the department at the schools you are looking at! Look over resource libraries, browse through their projects on display. More and more, the industry is passing legislation that you have to be a licensed designer. By passing the NCIDQ (National council of interior design qualification) exam in order to practice. With that, there is discussion and/or legislation being passed that you have to attend a FIDER accredited institution. I would encourage that as well. Continue reading

Planning Your Home Office -Some features to consider

juyyrWhat does “home office” mean to you? How you decorate, equip and where you locate this room depends on what purposes you want it to serve. Here are examples of different ways “home offices” can function. Which one suits your situation best?

– small room off the kitchen equipped with a computer, bookshelves and work counters is a place for you to maintain household accounts and for your children to do their homework. Adding a slide-open pocket door for privacy and noise control will take up a minimum amount of space.

– A third or fourth bedroom occupied by your oldest child can be converted into an office after the child is grown and leaves home. This room can serve as a place to do work brought home occasionally from the corporate office, as well as to undertake projects from volunteer or civic organizations, hobbies and other interests.

– A work-at-home space used daily or several times a week as a functioning office is the most complex and involves the most careful planning for phone lines and electrical outlets, and to insure privacy and minimal distractions. Continue reading

How To Make a Cramped Bathroom Feel Bigger

uiytfryuAt some point in their lives, most people have owned a home with a small, cramped bathroom. There are a variety of small and large projects, however, which can transform a bathroom from cramped to airy and inviting.

Consider a New Layout

If you’re planning a big bathroom remodel Anne Arundel County MD, it might be smart to consider if a better layout would give you more space in the room. If your budget allows for it, even small tweaks in the positioning of the toilet, for example, may provide you with more usable space.

Place Flooring Diagonally

This tip sounds strange at first glance, but it’s actually utilizing an optical illusion to make the room appear bigger than it is. Best of all, you can accomplish this with any type of flooring. Continue reading