Things you should know about Microcement

Microcement is a cement-based material that is installed on the floors by hand to produce a smooth finish. The finish is just like what you might expect to see with polishing concrete. Since it is trowelled by hand, you will get fantastic texturing to the floor that will not be replicated in other places. Microcement is the excellent floor finish for those who are trying to find an alternative choice to tile or wood floors. It produces a neutral seamless, soft, fashionable base layer so that you can create your interiors around.

You will find natural variations in color, according to where in the land the concrete is produced and variations in the stone sizes, colors and distribution. So you might discover that a polishing concrete surface is much more varied in its texture. This works wonderfully when you are trying to find a raw industrial look. Polished concrete is extremely strong and you will achieve wonderful reflections in it. Microcement is warmer, softer and the texture is more evenly distributed. Continue reading

3 Signs of Poor Insulation

A house that is not properly insulated can result in higher energy bills and overworked furnaces and air conditioners. Because most insulation is inside the walls of the home, it can be difficult to know if it is bad. Checking the layers of insulation in the attic can give homeowners an idea, but if that looks ok then it is time to check for other signs. Frozen pipes, cold walls and floors and unexplained temperature fluctuations can all indicate a poorly insulated house.

1. Frozen Pipes

Anyone who lives in an area where the temperatures plummet below freezing during the winter months may have to deal with a frozen pipe at some point. If the cause for the frozen pipe cannot be easily spotted, it may be due to a lack of proper insulation. Ask insulation contractors Maryland to evaluate the situation and give a professional opinion. Continue reading

Vinyl tile industry Growing at Steady CAGR to 2024

The Vinyl tile industry expository exploration added to Market Study Report, LLC, is a comprehensive investigation of the current patterns driving this vertical across grouped-topographies. Major details relating to the market size, market share, application, measurements, and income are summarized in the exploratory study. Additionally, this investigation embraces a careful and serious examination of the business standpoint, especially accentuating development techniques upheld by market majors.

As per the report, the Vinyl tile industry comprises details that give an in-and-out assessment of the business vertical. The valuation of the Vinyl tile industry is from a dual perspective as regards its manufacturing and utilization.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring : Allfloors is the best place to find interior designs that would merge Brick and luxury vinyl flooring into a beautiful design. Continue reading

Engineered Timber Flooring vs Laminate Flooring – Which is Better?

With all the options in timber currently available, deciding on the best timber flooring for your house might be a bit difficult. The timeless classics, prefinished and unfinished timber, are no longer the sole type of floors that is categorized under the hardwood. Two innovative players, laminate and engineered flooring, have got into the hardwood arena lately, offering more property owners the opportunity to easily afford and luxuriate in the style and also elegance of timber flooring. When you are thinking about one of those flooring options, but you are not pretty clear on the distinction, here is some details that may help.

Let’s begin by giving a short overview of conventional solid timber. With these floors, every single plank is made of a piece of timber and is usually ¾” thick. Solid timber flooring often contract and expand with changes in humidity and temperature. In summer season, higher humidity will cause the planks to buckle and expand. Continue reading

3 Ways To Change the Feel of Your Home

If you are looking to change up the feel of your home, you may consider doing small changes to help make your home feel warmer. Or, if you are looking to declutter, you may consider adding different storage options into your decor. There are many things you can do to change the look of your home, but these are three simple ways you can quickly and easily make your home unique.


First, the simplest way to change the feel of a room or home is through paint. You can do something simple, like repaint a wall, but you can also be bolder and paint antique brick. Painting brick white or black can add a dramatic focal point to an otherwise dreary room. If you really want to be unique, you could even paint the ceiling and create a moment of drama there. Continue reading