4 Common Types of Backyard Structures

There are several kinds of structures that you can add to your yard. It is is easy to confuse them with each other. Do you know the difference between an arbor and a trellis? What is a pergola? Here is your guide to common backyard structures.

1. Pergolas

A pergola is usually a large structure. It is comprised of four or more tall columns and a gridded roof. This leaves you the option of placing fabric over the top to provide shade or keeping the roof open to enjoy the sunshine and breeze. They can be made of stone, marble or wood. They are sometimes adjoined to the side of a house. A pergola can form an outdoor room. Continue reading

Security Screen Doors and Windows – A Few Things to Know

The wonderful new designer homes offered on the market today are some of the most sophisticated houses ever built, both when it comes to technology and design values. These homes need enhanced security as well. Many security specialists offer a array of selections for security alarms, however they all focus on physical security as well, powerful barriers to break-ins and top quality security screen doors and security screen windows.

The truth is that home security plays important role for the safety of your house, and it is easily defined- Powerful barriers to access. Most effective practice for residential and commercial property is to consider the access issues and make sure good protection for these weak areas. Continue reading

EPC Belfast: How Do Conservatories Affect The EPC Rating of a House

This article is provided by epc-belfast, a company that provides energy performance certificates in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The EPCs in Belfast are a legal requirement for all houses for sale or to let.

A conservatory adds an extra level of comfort to your home. However, it can also be a hindrance when it comes to energy efficiency – especially with conservatories built in the 80s, 90s and early 00s. So is your conservatory bad for your energy bills or does it help you save on them? Continue reading

3 Great Tips for a Family-Friendly Backyard Makeover

Want to encourage your family to bond together in the great outdoors? Improving your backyard is a great way to keep kids entertained close to home. These three great tips will guide you as you create a family-friendly backyard for outdoor fun and relaxation.

1. Improve the Lawn

If you want to enjoy family time in your backyard, you have to start by creating a great surface for play by enhancing your lawn. No matter what the climate is like in the area where you live, taking care of a grass lawn can be costly and time-consuming. Consult with the experts in artificial turf Thousand Oaks to replace your current grass with a perpetually green lawn. Not only is this a great option in terms of adding beauty to your yard, it’s also a very sustainable decision. Continue reading

Your Sprinkler System Winterization Guide

When the weather turns cold, it is important to winterize your sprinkler system. Don’t wait until the last minute or else your house may end up at the end of a very long list of others hoping for the same service.

Why must a sprinkler system be winterized?

Water expands when it freezes.  The expansion means that any water left in the pipes and other areas of your irrigation system will expand in freezing temperatures and cause pipes, tubing, or other components to burst or crack. Pipes can burst and flood your basement or yard. This will create a mess and potentially cost a lot to clean up. Cracked tubing and components can lead to leaks and costly sprinkler system repairs. Continue reading