Modern Floor Lamps – Hansel Gretel Australia


Modern Floor Lamps – Hansel Gretel Australia

At Hansel Gretel Australia, our aim it to light up every home in Australia. With presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania – we’re dedicated to providing the very best tripod, standing, arc shaped, industrial, gold, modern floor lamps available on the market.

Our floor lamps are perfect for the living room, large floor spaces, offices, bedrooms and plenty more.

So if you’re looking to buy floor lamp, then look no further then Hansel Gretel Australia floor lamps are rustic in style and effortlessly unique in design, certain to enhance your interior decor. Expertly crafted using bamboo and natural rubberwood, our lamps have a distinctive feel perfect for your home. Continue reading

Making Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

dfugighoYou are looking to remodel your kitchen and are looking into all the changes you can make to improve it. Looking for energy efficient options can save your money while preserving the environment. Here are a few things you can do to make your kitchen ecologically friendly.


Changing out your appliances can cut your energy costs. Making refrigerator repairs queens or fixing other items in your kitchen can also help the environment if replacing them is too costly. Many utility companies will offer rebates if you do purchase new machines making them a little more affordable. Continue reading

Electrical Network inside the Engine

hnghfdsYesterdays post was all about how gasoline and air is being prepared for the combustion stage. Now maybe it’s time to tackle the main mechanism wherein combustion happens. So, let me start by recapitulating the things about the carburetor. So in this particular device a chemical process takes place when air and fuel is being mixed to produce a specific blend for the combustion. It also controls the amount of mixture to be supplied to the intake.

Now let’s go down deeper. Engines are equipped with several parts or should I say networks which work on a specific task. Just like the carburetor which works together with the other parts such as the fuel tank and the air filter which then forms the fuel system. There is also an electrical system which plays a very important role in the combustion stage. It is composed of several major parts such as the ignition coil which works in the production of high voltage energy which will be sent to the spark plug via cable contact which is then called as spark plug wire. Continue reading

Home Surveillance Security Systems

guttereyDon’t wait until you’re the victim of privacy violation or a house break in. With so many options of home security available on the market today, smart consumers can afford to invest in the protection of their lives and those of their families with high quality home surveillance. home security acts as the official guard to your house both when present or absent. Home surveillance cameras immediately notify you when potential danger is happening and provide HD visuals in daytime and nighttime situations. Whether it’s long hours at work, a family vacation, or the need to feel 100 percent secure, there are safety options available for all situations so that you don’t have to worry about outside interference anymore.

While the idea of having surveillance cameras installed in the home might sound unattractive, think again. Companies now selling the best surveillance cameras on the market are well aware that the size, shape, and bulk of cameras is unappealing. As a result, new security cameras come super sleek, thin, and bare the appearance similar to other gadgets already in the home that they don’t draw any extra attention.

Continue reading

Under Floor Heating: A Cost Effective Home Heating System

vfhyrtIf you live in cold regions, keeping your home warm and comfortable over the winter months is something that a lot of people think about. However, one thing that you can be sure of is that there are plenty of options when it comes to heating your home. Under floor heating is one of the most energy efficient and popular ways to heat your home these days. This heating is essential for anyone who has a big home and would love to have a warm space when it gets cold.

Under floor heating is gaining in popularity, as people begin to understand its benefits over traditional heating system. Some of the benefits of using under floor heating are high thermal comfort, ease of control, less energy consumption, space saving and pollution free. Continue reading