Top 5 Tips on Assessing Storm Damage

Adverse weather can wreak havoc on roofing. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, and even wind can cause excessive damage to your home’s roof. Even if there aren’t obvious signs of damage to your roof after a large storm hits your area, it is always a good idea to inspect your home just in case. Many types of storm damage aren’t immediately visible, but can cause major problems down the road.


In this article we’ll give you our top five tips for assessing storm damage. Always consult an expert if you suspect serious issues and make repairs immediately to avoid further damage.

1. Check your attic

After a major storm, check your attic for any signs of water leaks or water damage. Look for water stains or spots on your walls and ceiling. If you notice either of these, you will need to contact an expert for immediate repairs to avoid further damage. If the damage is excessive, you might need a full roof replacement.

2. Check the area around your house

If a storm in your area produced strong winds, there might be evidence of roof damage surrounding your home. Check the area around your house for any roof shingles or metal pieces that might have come off during the storm. This is the easiest way to assess potential damage without climbing up onto the roof yourself. A few shingles might not indicate a large scale problem, but even basic repairs are essential to maintain the longevity of your roof.

 3. Be on the lookout for hail damage

When a storm produces large hail, your roof is at risk for dents and dimples. Inspect your roof for hail damage by looking for these indicators. Sometimes hail damage is thought to be just cosmetic, but it can weaken your roof over time and limit the total lifespan.

Only climb onto your roof to inspect hail damage if your have the appropriate equipment. Personal safety is most important, so call the experts if you can’t access it on your own.

4. Leave major issues to the experts

When storms cause excessive damage it is best to leave major issues to the experts. If a tree falls on your home during a storm, you should stay somewhere else until the house has been evaluated for potential structural damage. Never attempt to solve major problems on your own.

 5. Contact your insurance agent

If you’ve noticed any storm damage on your home you should contact your insurance agent right away. Your insurance company will be able to investigate the damage and help you file a claim. This will get you on the road to repairs and compensation for the damage.

Never sacrifice your personal safety during or after a severe storm. Leave any major issues to the experts and trust that your insurance provider will help you navigate the process of repairs. Storm damage is a part of life no matter what region you live in, but maintaining and repairing your roof is the best way to protect your home and your family during adverse weather.


Famous Hotel Pools Around the World

A must have on the top of many travel lists is finding the perfect hotel. The checklist is long but one of the most important ones on that list is the pool. You can’t have a family vacation and stay at a hotel that doesn’t have a pool your family can relax and play in. Around the world there are many pools that have captured the hearts and imaginations of travelers. The perfect hotel is one with a pool that is more famous than the accommodation. Here is a list of some of the most famous hotel pools around the world.

Kachchan Infinity Pool


Designed by architect Geoffrey Bawa. Enjoy a majestic stay in beautiful Sri Lanka. The Kachchan Infinity Pool is more famous than the hotel. One of three pools, the Infinity blends into view with the Kandalama Lake. The stunning view of water melting into water is an overwhelming experience during night or day swims.

Mondrian Hotel


Located in West Hollywood, live like the rich and famous as you swim in the Mondrian Hotel’s pool. The pool is large and equipped with underwater music. Outside of the pool you are treated to panoramic views of the city, day beds and an outdoor living room. At night you will enjoy pool parties with your fellow travelers and live music.

The Standard DTLA


An original hot spot in Downtown Los Angeles, The Standard has a rooftop pool with views of the city. The Summer is the best time to stay and enjoy the nightlife that this pool offers. Enjoy the view of city lights while taking in live Jazz music. Near the pool is a beer garden and bar. Enjoy a staycation or stay at a luxury hotel around the hustle and bustle of DTLA while visiting the city.

Hotel Habita


Located in Monterrey, Mexico, architect Agustin Landa created two infinity pools underneath a concrete canopy. Enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains as you enjoy a drink from the bar placed conveniently between both pools. This is a great place to take in the scenery of Monterrey while relaxing after a long day a sightseeing.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge


Be a part of the action without leaving the comfort of your accommodation. Enjoy a swim in the pool at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. This gorgeous pool overlooks a watering hole that is frequented by local wildlife. You are treated to a gorgeous view of the plains far beyond the watering hole.

The Red Pool


The Red Pool at the Library Hotel in  Koh Samui island is exactly what it sounds like. The mosaic tiles are red, orange and yellow making the water to also appear red. The rectangular pool overlooks the sea and gives you a place to swim and relax while enjoying the scenery that surrounds you.

The Grace


Santorini, Greece is a popular vacation spot and the Grace has a pool overlooking the gorgeous village of Imerovigli. You will be able to take in the views of of Imerovigli and surrounding towns. Relax on the day bed in between swims and stay out of the sun underneath the canopy beds. The Grace is a perfect place to relax.

Enjoy a solitary trip to exoctic destinations. Take a day trip to get away from home or travel with family and find a place where you can enjoy an amazing swim. More than a place to have fun, the pool is somewhere you can relax in-between long trips around the town you are visiting. Many cities have several places to enjoy a great swim and these are some of the best and most popular ones in the world.

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Reasons to Rearrange Your Kitchen with Post-It Notes

ghqaI had some trouble deciding what goes where in my new kitchen. So, rather than pulling EVERYTHING out (as some organization techniques suggest), I discovered a much easier game plan and it doesn’t waste my time either. I labeled the doors and drawers with Post-It Notes.  On each note, I wrote the various kitchen contents I own.  Then, I moved the little notes around until I found the most logical fit.

Label with Post-It Notes

What I love…

1.  No kitchen clutter all over the counter tops.   With a Little One in the house, my kitchen is used all. day. long.  Performing kitchen tasks with all our contents strewn around would be stressful and chaotic.

2.  Allows for frequent (and easy!) changes until the perfect spot is found.  I’m of the tradition that everything has a place to belong AND that place should be convenient to the task at hand.

In other words, if I’m baking muffins, I don’t want the bowls next to the fridge, the wooden spoons in the island’s drawer, and the muffin tins over in the pantry. Arrangement should be in logical groups to complete a task efficiently.  (Mmmmm, anyone else have the urge to go bake blueberry muffins?)  🙂

cb7653.  A bonus discovery: things are easy to locate with a temporary labeling system on every door and drawer.

While the labels won’t remain there forever (I’ve already removed most of the tags), they have helped me get accustomed to my surroundings as I learn the new layout. No more opening 5 drawers just to find the cheese grater.

4.  Cost effective.  Please don’t waste your hard earned money on kitchen arranging kits available for moving.  Post-It Note labeling is the same concept but costs only a few pennies in comparison.  Nuf said!

5.  Simple enough and does NOT waste time.  Sure, pulling everything out to evaluate the contents has its place in the organizing world, just not here in my heavily trafficked, frequently used kitchen.

6.  A declutter strategy.  As I moved around the cabinet contents, it was a perfect opportunity to send unused items packing (aka the donate pile).  Which, let’s face it, every once in a while we just need to purge the innards of our cupboards and closets.  This is an impromptu way to get it done.  🙂

And there ya have it, Rearrange with Post-It Notes

nu89It really helped me get settled!  Whether moving to a new home or just rearranging your own kitchen’s “trouble spots”, I’m confident you will find this solution helpful.

Making A Game Out of It

78wqThere have been a few challenges that have accompanied moving into our new home.  Many of them involve trying to fit old familiar things into new places.  This doesn’t cause too much stress for me because I’m secretly excited about the organizing opportunities ahead.
Hmmm, that might have something to do with my burning passion to reunite with my label maker; it’s been packed in a box for the last 6 months.  Is it possible to go through label maker withdrawal? 🙂

In our last home, we had a convenient corner hutch that perfectly fit and stored all of our games and puzzles. Sadly, that hutch is no longer with us *sniff, sniff*.  So, I was forced to find our collection a new spot, which turned out to be the coat closet.  It just needed a little customization but it was a logical choice for two reasons.

First, the side of the closet was deep enough for storage, yet shallow enough to easily pull out what we need.  And second, it was underutilized because we only wear cold weather coats about 3 months out of the year.

bh90PLUS, I knew I could manage some way to store our overgrown mess of games and puzzles ORDERLY.  Yep, organization ended up being the solution that allowed both our pile of family fun and our infrequently used outerwear to share a small space.  Dual efficiency, my dream come true.  🙂

One more consideration was our pre-school aged daughter. I’m trying to guide her independence in some areas.  I want her to be able to access the games she is able (and allowed) to play.  On the other hand, I do NOT want her getting into some games I consider too old for her or have too many pieces to lose/break.

I find training independence runs a fine line between teaching new skills and avoiding temptation for my Little One.  🙂  So, storing everything shallow and vertical on shelves solves my problem by keeping what is too old for her out of reach.gt78

After a Home Depot run, some detailed measuring, and my PATIENT husband’s help, we had ourselves a homemade shelf system.  I customized it to our specific gaming needs; (3) 11″ deep Melamine shelves for the upper levels and (4) 16″ deep shelves below.

I chose Melamine covered shelves for the durability I anticipate this closet will need.You can see I was so excited to snap a picture that I forgot to paint the unfinished wood supports.  At least you get a good idea of the transformation that took place. In case you’re wondering, the top two green boxes are also game related.  One holds all our Play-doh, conveniently out of reach and out of sight for a certain 4-year-old girlie.  The other contains all our miscellaneous items like playing cards, dice games, etc.
Oh, and the white basket down on the floor holds all the Play-doh toys/supplies.  I don’t mind if she gets those out by herself or brings the whole basket over to the table. Play-doh toys are no big deal if they get strewn around the room when I’m not looking.  Play-doh, on the other hand, has a nasty way of smooching itself into the carpet if played with unsupervised… and will therefore remain up high.  🙂


FYI:  I purposely did not detail our shelf construction to keep the post short (and because there are so many talented blog writers out there who educate perfectly in this department), but please feel free to remark in the Post a Comment section below and I’ll answer any questions!