Why Home Buyers Choose McDavid Homes?

McDavid Homes family of ‘DFW Home Builders’ stands firmly behind its products; buyers may submit warranty items at any time up to the date of the warranty expiration. Not at set intervals like other builders.
– As a buyer, you will have access to emergency vendors online incase you loose your paperwork.
– We have the experience of over 35 years in the business building homes.
– Built over 3000 homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are also knowledgeable on the building codes for several states.
– We offer affordable upgrade pricing for all of our community houses as well as energy star homes.
– We can build on your own pre-existing property, for more information view our ‘On Your Lot’ page for plan details.
– With our McDavid homes you get a more personal touch in both design and quality of building materials.
– Our prices are among the most competitive because we shop for the best pricing for your benefit.
– Our homes are built to a more efficient standard, thereby saving significant amount of money in energy bills; furthermore, home buyers can opt for a Super Energy Package for even further savings.
– We also offer Energy Star Homes, ask our sales rep for further details.
– McDavid also offers luxury homes, custom, and entry level homes through it sister companies Ron James, Omega Luxury, and Casas Unidas. Contact our real estate office for details.

Legal Action when facing water intrusion problem

ghdhdThe water intrusion problem was not a direct result of the hurricanes, although they did make it evident for many who otherwise would not have known.

Water intrusion in newly construction homes has been occurring at least since 2003 as indicated by some of WESH 2’s special reports.

What You Should Be Doing

  •  Stop saying “It’s not my problem, my new home wasn’t affected.” This affects anyone who has bought a home in the last four years and anyone that’s going to buy a home in the next 20. Builders are hiding behind vague and sketchy building codes while government inspectors are not held accountable for giving approval on construction with obvious construction defects.
  • Contact your insurance agency if you haven’t already. Some agencies are denying claims while others are approving them and pursuing legal action against the builder due to material defect, which is extremely good for our cause. If your claim is denied, seek legal counsel .
  •  Get involved in a group effort. Don’t sit back and think that someone else will take care of the problem, because they won’t. We need your voice — there is strength in numbers.
  • Write your elected officials: national representatives, national senators, state representatives and state senators. Tell them that you’re disgusted that builders are getting away with cheating their consumers. Tell them that the building codes need to be examined and modified so builders can’t build cheap and hide behind legislation.
  • File complaints with your local Better Business Bureau and the Florida Division of Consumer Services. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.
  • Sign the petition for a Florida Homebuyer Protection Act which calls for establishment of an act to protect homebuyers from shoddy new home construction in the state of Florida.
  • Spread the word! Talk to your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Participate in the blue ribbon campaign. Let people know that there’s a problem and tell them your story. Tell them to go to this web site and get involved as well. Put a banner ad on your own site back to this one.

Nesting Tables – Why You Need Them

compact nesting tableModern homes can reap the benefits of the a piece of furniture ; tables usually use up almost all of space , so it is not too shocking that we attempt to ensure they give value for the space a table can  occupy . In order to make minimal use of the space you can place nesting tables.

Based on American Society of Furniture Designers (ASFD), Nesting tables is normally a set of 3 or 4 compact tables, all almost the same, but various heights. Nesting tables can be found in many sizes, shapes and finished, so no matter what your decor, you might be able to discover one that match the design of your living room.

Your guest may also need sufficient light , not too crucial when they have popped around to watch television , but most of the time you might want to give adequate light to read books . Aside from that, this table also offers a perfect surface where you put food and drink.

Also, every chair needs a table, but what should you do on those situations when guests come and you must take chairs from other rooms? When you have nesting tables you will have no problem, just pull out one of the chair which has been placed under the nesting table.

Nesting tables are mostly quite small, and thus easy to put against a wall which is not large enough for an extra aesthetic piece. Although the small tables are made to be place wherever they’re needed, the bigger tables can be put in a place with a decorative lamp on it. If you frequently have guests, you can place Nesting Tables from Souda at the end of your sofa as a substitute for end tables. Nesting tables most often have a rectangular and circular profile and will fit your small space of the living room; they are also useful for playing backgammon, chess, or board games.

Decorate the Rooms With Flower Wall Decals

Did you ever wonder how your friends’ room appears so stylish, seeming like they were beautifully and expertly decorated? The answer is simpler than we imagine. Yes, the answer is wall decals which nowadays are used for fast and easy wall decors which can enliven any room in your home or office.

If you visit wall decals store at walldecalmall.com, you will find various designs of wall decals to pick from, based on what we like. One of the most in demand wall decals, are flower decals. They are handy to attach on any wall in your home from bathroom to bedroom, living room, and kitchen.


Such flower wall decals are used by many homeowners today as they are not only affordable, but they also offer the perfect touch to any room in your home and seem like they were professionally designed.

For most home décor, nursery, bedroom certainly anywhere that needs a touch of nature to give a peaceful environment and harmony into your house. The wonderful thing about wall decals today is that most of them are designed to be conveniently removed over and over , so when you accidentally get it wrong or you would like to modify the design it is simple to take them off the wall and stick them to another wall space .

In walldecalmall.com you will also find Butterfly wall decals which are also suitable not only inside your home but can also be attached outdoors as well. They can lighten up any room and they are also good for doctors’ office and hospital wards as they help make the place peaceful and create balance and harmony in a room. Some other areas in which you can use them are lockers, ceramic, book covers, cars and glass. They function as amazing party decorations as well.

Simple Ways To Save The Environment

There are many simple ways to save the environment. And of course this ties in to what we have been discussing, saving money on your energy bills!

The New Year is coming and everyone will be making resolutions. What if everyone would do a few simple things that could help save the environment? It would have a HUGE impact! I will discuss 3 different areas where you can have a great impact for zero or very little cost.


Open Your Windows

Sometimes people forget that it is so nice outside. They have their house all closed up, the sun warms it up, and the air conditioner comes on. It might be 70 degrees outside and the air conditioner is solid burning electricity! And the fresh air is good for you. It makes you feel good. Take advantage of it. Make a habit of watching the weather report and see if you can open the windows and turn that heat or air off.

Bottled Water

As you go into the stores, watch the number of people that come out with bottled water. First it is very expensive and second, those plastic bottles usually end up in the landfill. And they will never disintegrate. I am not saying that your tap water is the best for your body, because it probably is not. But you could be spending pennies instead of dollars and helping save the environment by making your own pure water. The best resource for having pure water in your home is Aquasana.

Get Your Children Involved

After all, why are we doing this? So we will have something to leave our children. And they are going to have the same responsibility! Teach them why we are doing it and what they can do to help. Simple things that they can do such as closing doors, turning lights and appliances off when not in use, and maybe even opening or closing the blinds on their windows. For a little extra effort you could create a game or reward system. Make it fun and rewarding for them. They will be getting an education and you will be saving money on your energy bill and helping to save the environment!

So there you have it. Just a few simple ways that you can help save the environment, and with very little effort and costs. Check the weather and act accordingly, stop buying bottled water, and get the whole household involved.

So when you are thinking about what you can do to improve your life for your New Years Resolution, make sure that you include saving the environment. The future of our planet is counting on you!