4 Common Types of Backyard Structures

There are several kinds of structures that you can add to your yard. It is is easy to confuse them with each other. Do you know the difference between an arbor and a trellis? What is a pergola? Here is your guide to common backyard structures.

1. Pergolas

A pergola is usually a large structure. It is comprised of four or more tall columns and a gridded roof. This leaves you the option of placing fabric over the top to provide shade or keeping the roof open to enjoy the sunshine and breeze. They can be made of stone, marble or wood. They are sometimes adjoined to the side of a house. A pergola can form an outdoor room. You can purchase a pre-assembled pergola from an outdoor pergola store.

2. Gazebo

Gazebos have some things in common with pergolas. Both have columns supporting a roof. However, gazebos are never attached to a house. The sides of a gazebo are open, but the roof is not. Unlike a pergola, a gazebo almost always has a floor. The floor is at least a few inches tall and has a set of steps. While pergolas are rectangular, gazebos are round or octagonal.

3. Trellises

A trellis looks similar to a piece of fencing with a grid in the center. It is typically only a few feet tall. A trellis is used to hold vines and other plants that need to climb to flourish.

4. Arbors

Sometimes, people will use the term “trellis” when a structure is actually an arbor. You have probably seen an arbor before in a large garden. It is a curved archway, often placed over a walkway. They are generally just tall enough to allow people to walk underneath them comfortably. Arbors commonly have trellises on both sides and sometimes on the arch as well.


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